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8 Nov
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Angels, Pre-Cognition, and Causes after Effects

Something really nice happened today.

It was one of those interesting moments that reinforced the idea that minds are something magical and can do extraordinary things.

I’d been enjoying my lunchtime coffee while savouring a fascinating book The Intention Experiment: Use Your Thoughts to Change the World. This book is written by one of my favourite authors, Lynne McTaggart. I was reading about all of the rigorous scientific experiments that demonstrate that intention, in other words focused thoughts, can act backwards in time and bring about statistically significant and measurable change.

I was pondering on the ramifications of this, while waiting in the post office with the big bag of gold dust that is required to purchase a single stamp these days, and the thought of someone popped into my mind. This person is not a close friend or someone I know especially well – just someone I know well enough to stop and pass the time of day with. This person is also someone I gave a copy of my Angel Healing – Meditation Cd to. But that was many years ago. I had not seen or spoken to this person for around two years.

I’m sure you’re way ahead of me by now.

I’d meandered my way into the library by this time and was on my way out when I saw this young lady heading towards me. Normally I would have just said ‘hi’ and passed on my way, but because I had experienced pre-cognition, or maybe pre-monition, I stopped.

It seemed that this young lady, who throughout her life has experienced serious health and mobility challenges, had cremated her mother the day before. She was telling me how calm and peaceful she had been since discovering the body of her mother a fortnight ago. She attributed her ability to cope so calmly with this traumatic event by listening daily to Angel Healing. She thanked me profusely for the help and support I had provided for her with this gift and how it had reassured her that her Guardian Angel was with her and watching over her.

We chatted for around ten minutes. I offered a few words of comfort and encouragement and left the encounter feeling so much lighter. I love it when the Universe reminds me of the benefit that my work continues to bring to others.

It was also really nice to discover that a moment’s generosity had such long-lasting impact.


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