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4 May
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Two Approaches to Weight Loss – Which One do You Use?

There are two approaches to weight loss. The way that works, and the way that doesn’t. The vast majority of people use the way that doesn’t work. After all if what you did worked you’d only ever have to lose weight once. The vast majority of people who ‘battle’ with their weight are on a treadmill they can’t find the way off. The new diet,or maybe the old diet, is ‘tried again’ ever year, with the same results. Short term weight loss and a feelings of longing for what you are being denied. Longings that get so strong because of the implied injustice of being unable to eat what everyone else is eating – so strong that you eventually give in. Then comes the guilt and more eating to drive away the guilt feelings.

To put it simply – you deserve better than this.

If you want to get of the treadmill the video below is your first step. The rest is just as easy.

Hope you enjoy it.

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