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13 Dec
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Chakra Balancing for Health and Well Being

I finally finished proof reading, tweaking, and building web pages last night (for the free accompanying downloads) and submitted my suitably formatted manuscript to Kindle for approval and publishing. It was a nice feeling this morning when I checked on Amazon and there it was: Chakra Balancing – 7 Easy Steps to Improved Health & Well Being listed under Kindle books.

I think if you’d tried to talk to me thirty years ago about invisible energy systems and magic whirlpools that can impact your physical and emotional health then I would most likely have smiled politely while privately thinking you were a total nutcase. That’s not likely to be the case with you because you are reading this having already seen the title. But if it was, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Chakras, nadis, and all the other weird stuff is a bit strange and you’ll leave your health for your Doctor to look after.

That is certainly what I used to think.

But life took me down a path where I had to start to take notice of the odd things that were happening and the even odder things that I found myself being able to do. I tell the story of that in this book. I tell it by way of introduction to the whole Chakra business. I show you how I found out about Chakras and how changing their state can have an immediate, one might say miraculous, effect on physical symptoms.

After that I take you through the seven major Chakras and let you see how you can easily identify those which need attention. I give you a seven step guide to the process of starting from no knowledge to becoming accomplishing at diagnosing and bringing your chakras back into balance. After this of course you are the one who benefits by feeling better.

I don’t want to say much more about the contents because I don’t want to spoil the adventure for you. It’s not a big book and it won’t take long to read through – but if you follow my guidance it could have a huge beneficial impact on your life.

What I would like to say for those of you who have your own story to tell, and are interested in publishing with Kindle, is that Kindle publishing this time was much easier than the last time I did it around 6 months ago. It is still not a simple straightforward process, but it is less tedious now than it was – or possibly tedious in more understandable ways.

But it really is quite an enjoyable adventure if, like me, you are doing the whole thing on your own. You get to discover about cover design, play around in Photoshop, and stretch your mind in interesting ways as you think about how to communicate something complex in a way that your readers will not only enjoy, but also benefit from.

I enjoyed writing it, I hope you enjoy reading and using it.


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