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28 Oct
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Chakra Dowsing For Improved Health And Healing

Here is an easy way to find out about the health of your own chakras, or the health of a willing volunteer. I have to say it is a lot easier if you have a volunteer who can lie down while you work – though you can use this technique on yourself.

All you need is a pendulum. I use a shaped lapis lazuli suspended on a chain (similar to the one in the picture), but you do not need to use a crystal. I’ve used a watch on a chain (like they use in hypnosis), or any weight I could fasten to a piece of string. They all work.

Chakra dowsing. This was at a training workshop and the chakras have been located with crystals to assist the students.

You might want to ‘condition’ your pendulum before you start to use it for chakra work. This is more to convince you that something will happen once you start to test chakras than for any other reason. Just suspend the pendulum from your dominant hand at the full length of its chain. Then ask yourself any question for which the answer is a definite ‘yes’. You could say “is my name…?” and state your name. Then watch the pendulum with an expectation of movement. The pendulum will move in one of four ways. It will describe a clockwise circle; an anticlockwise circle; it will swing back and forth; or it will swing from side to side.

Repeat the process but this time ask yourself a question for which the answer is a definite ‘no’. Again wait and watch for the movement. It will move in a different direction this time.

Now you have satisfied yourself that your pendulum will respond you can start work on some chakras. For this description I am going to assume that you have a volunteer. If you haven’t then just work on yourself with your head propped up comfortably so that you can see the pendulum. You will need a mirror to see what is happening with your throat and crown chakras, but the rest you will probably be able to see ok.

Start at the base chakra (if you are unfamiliar with the names and locations of your chakras then you will find chakra descriptions here ) suspend the pendulum about an inch above the physical body at the chakra location, empty your mind of trivia by focusing on the pendulum and holding the intention that you wish to see the chakra condition reflected in the pendulum’s movement.

In a healthy chakra the pendulum will describe a clockwise circle around 3 inches in diameter. The speed of movement of the pendulum indicates the vigour of the chakra. Sluggish movement, no movement, a very small diameter circle, or a distorted circle, all indicate health problems. If the movement describes a narrow oval I usually find that the long axis of the oval is pointing towards the problem area in the body.

Repeat this process for all seven chakras.

If there is a problem with any of the chakras I have found two excellent ways to fix them. I appear to have some healing ability so I usually just work with the energy until the chakra is restored to normal functionality. In my own experience this produces immediate relief from symptoms.

The other method is to use visualisation. I use this technique with my hypnosis clients who come to me for help with physical problems and I find it very powerful. I’ve reproduced this in  a Chakra Meditation CD so that you can easily benefit from this technique.

If you would like more information on chakras and chakra healing then watch my video.


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