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26 Apr
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Chakras – in the Balance

chakras with sanskrit names and locations
I don’t know about you but I find invisible stuff difficult to deal with. Take electricity for instance. You can have a bare copper cable connected to a plug which is inserted into a wall socket. The cable is either lethal or totally safe depending on whether the wall switch is on or off. Looking at the cable gives no indication. The cable looks no different – safe or deadly.

Magnetism’s another one. It’s all around us. The Earth’s magnetic field goes right through us. It even has an impact on the iron in our red blood cells, but unless we have a magnetised compass needle we are completely unaware of it.

Gravity is a bit easier because we aren’t all floating around, but with gravity it’s more of an intellectual knowing. We never knew we should be floating until gravity was discovered. Things falling on the floor just seemed normal.

Chakras are also invisible. The big difference between a chakra and electricity is that you can’t prove a chakra is there. Not because we can’t see them (though some people claim they can – See Barbara Brennan’s Hands Of Light: Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, where she describes them as mini-tornados), but because we can’t detect them without some human intervention. Chakra detecting instruments are still waiting to be invented.

The problem with Chakras, or energy centres, is that they:
• Are invisible
• Seem a little far-fetched
• Don’t lend themselves easily to rigorous investigation

However, what isn’t so easy to dismiss is personal experience. And my own personal experience strongly suggests that the presence of these whirlpools of energy could very well be a reality.

Many years ago I discovered I had some healing ability and while I was exploring that, I read some stuff about chakras being the focus of physical well-being. You couldn’t see them, but they were there. It sounded to me as crazy an idea as me holding my hands above someone’s body and their pain easing, but that was happening – and I didn’t understand how that worked either.

So next time I had a visit from a patient I had them lie down and I got my pendulum out and held it over the places where these chakras were supposed to be and to my amazement the pendulum would spin around. But the spin would be different over each location. Sometimes fast, sometimes sluggish, sometimes no movement at all, and occasionally the opposite way round to the others.

When the spin was slow or non-existent I’d work on that area until my pendulum was spinning at the same rate as the other energy centres and the patient would report immediate changes in their body. A pain, or stiffness, would ease; mood would improve and they generally left feeling very much better than when they arrived.

So even though it doesn’t make much sense, in my own experience, chakras seem to be an invisible reality.

Because working with and balancing chakras seemed to be having such a beneficial effect, I delved a little deeper in to this whole chakra business and discovered some interesting things – like:

Perhaps working with chakras is a way to…

• Address causes rather than treat symptoms
• Heal from the inside out
• Restore balance to your life

There are seven major chakras and each one is responsible for the health & well-being of specific areas of the bodymind. I discovered that they act like valves controlling the intake of energy from the Universe (perhaps they tap into the energy of the Zero Point Field). When fully open, that particular energy centre is able to draw in all of its needs to nourish and sustain the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the areas of the body that are under its control.

And all you need to do in order to be fit, well, and achieving your dreams is to ensure that they are all fully open.

Life experience is what closes them down. Hurts, disappointments, losses… especially when very young, can have a devastating impact on the functioning of one or more of the chakras. The consequence of this is living on a treadmill where the same problems seem to keep cropping up, even though different people are involved each time. If your very different romantic partners all turn out to be the ‘same’ unkind, controlling, person then you probably have closed down throat and heart chakras. If you always have problems making ends meet and when you enjoy a windfall, an unexpected bill turns up to snatch it away, then look to your root and sacral chakras – your connection with feeling grounded and safe.

I’ve found that a pendulum (I use one made of lapis lazuli, but any weight on the end of a string or chain will work) shows up quite clearly the size, vigour and direction of rotation of the energy centres. And yes you can check your own chakras this way.

Chakra balancing is adjusting the energy, size, and rotation so that all chakras are the same.

Check them out and play with the energies and see if it makes a difference to how you feel.

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