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24 Jul
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Change Your Life with Self Hypnosis now more widely available.

Change Your life with Self Hypnosis has been available on Kindle since February earlier this year. After four weeks of zero sales, I organised a five-day promotion when it could be downloaded for free. This resulted in almost 1800 copies being downloaded.

From that point onwards it has been selling steadily. It currently occupies position 2 on the UK Amazon site when you do a Kindle search for ‘self hypnosis’, and position 8 for the same search on Amazon.com. At one point it reached No 1 in the Kindle category for Hypnosis.

All this is very rewarding for an unknown author – but do you know what the best bit is?

The best bit is the wonderful emails I receive from readers telling me about how much they enjoyed my book and how valuable it has been for them – quite life-changing in some cases.

So I thought it was time to make it available to more than just Kindle owners.

I’m aiming now for Apple’s iBookstore, Nooks (Barnes & Noble), Kobos & the Sony Reader, as well as any PC or Mac. So I spent a couple of days of totally re-formatting the text. What this actually means is pretty much removing most of the text formatting. Electronic reading devices require free-flowing text, so things like pages no longer apply. The Kindle at least allows me to have page breaks for new chapters, these other readers don’t.

So after a bit of trouble with the table I had in the appendix, I finally got my book past the first stage in the process and it is now awaiting review before being submitted to Apple et al. It is however available from the distributor’s website in pretty much any electronic format you desire.

If you ‘d like a copy I’ve got a Coupon Code LM68U that you can use at checkout to get yourself a 50% discount. So If you want to grab a half price copy go to
and download your copy now.

What’s next is to start work on the print version. This again requires a total re-formatting, but at least I will have total control over the appearance of the finished product and I really like it when I have control.
Oh! The half price offer is only until 24th August, 2013 so get your copy now – before you forget and miss out on a great deal.

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