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27 Feb
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Is Disease Necessary in Order to be Healthy?


“This analysis implies that there may well be a wisdom to disease, and that people may need disease in order to help them to be healthy. In other words, the existence of disease provides people with essential feedback that informs them of the fundamental rules for survival and evolution.”

Gary Schwartz Ph.D. professor at the University of Arizona in his book The G.O.D. Experiments

I came across this as I was reading The G.O.D. Experiments with my morning cup of tea. It got me thinking about that suggestion that disease is necessary for health.

What could it possibly mean?

After a few moments of reflection I realised what it meant.

I wrote a little while ago about Louise Hay’s excellent book You Can Heal Your Life. In it the author associates particular illnesses and diseases with specific emotional problems. The suggestion is that if you resolve the emotional problem then the illness heals itself. I thought about that and thought about the opening quote and then reflected upon my own experience with minor illnesses.

If you’ve ever played 10 pin bowling you’ll know that there are buffers available to block the gutters so that beginners can learn to enjoy the game and develop their skill at knocking over pins rather than watch their ball go down the sides every time. Illness may be like those buffers – a guide to keep you on track for good health.

But of course this only works if you notice the pattern of circumstances that precede your illness. If colds always follow periods of stress then this might be a gentle hint from your body that says stress is not good for you and creates a lot of toxins in your body. The cold is then necessary to slow you down while your body repairs the stress damage and does a detox.

If the stress increases then you may find that something a little more serious than a cold is created. You could pursue this idea until the final warning becomes a life-threatening disease like cancer. So maybe disease is not really the problem, maybe the problem is the lifestyle, or, as I believe, the thought-style. If this is the case then treating the disease is pointless – it’s a bit like disconnecting the burglar alarm bell because you don’t like the noise. You want to know when there is a burglar in the house. The disease is perhaps letting you know this, and the burglar is the way you think, the things you eat, or even the way you treat other people or allow other people to treat you.

So reflect upon your patterns of illness and see if you can make your own connections between events in your life and the times your body switches on the alarm. If you need some help get hold of a copy of Louise Hay’s book.

And then if you still need some help with the process of healing, get hold of a copy of my book Change Your Life with Self Hypnosis in there I teach you healing techniques that have been used successfully for the treatment of a variety of problems.

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