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15 Apr
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How Free Are You?

Our lives are controlled by everyone around us – not directly – but subtly.

We are controlled by the processing that takes place within each of us as we interact with others. We constantly monitor their response to us: our words, our presence. We modify our behaviour, our mannerisms, our voice, in order to elicit the responses that suggest acceptance rather than rejection. And the worst of it is that most of the time we don’t know it’s happening.

Subliminal Control

That’s because of the tiny little things we pick up on without realising it. Things like pupil dilation; tension in tiny facial muscles; movement of body or limbs towards or away from us; self-grooming actions; and so on. These are things we all do at a subconscious level. It’s only when we make an effort to understand ourselves and our behaviours; only when we allow our curiosity about our lives and our minds to lead us on a journey of self-discovery; that we start to see what’s really going on. With that awareness, we begin to understand what’s going on with others too – because we are all the same.

We are all the same even though we each have a unique and special life journey and each of us has our own adventures to enjoy. There is no difference. We are each of us beautiful beings with the power to work magic and touch the hearts and minds of every individual we make contact with on this incredible Journey. But we can’t do that while we are trapped in the powerlessness of having to do and be what others want us to do and be. If we rebel against what others want us to do and be and deliberately do something else – we are still in their power. They still control us because our choice isn’t a choice from freedom of spirit or personal desire. Any choice you make because you need the money, the affection, the sex, the love, the approval, the support, the food, the cigarettes, the alcohol, isn’t a free choice.

When Your Heart Sings

You know you have made a free choice when your heart sings.

Of course all of this makes it very easy for governments to get the majority of the population to do what they want them to do.

 Fear is Used to Manipulate You

Are you afraid of terrorist attacks, or at the very least a tiny weeny bit troubled? The government would like you to be because then it can wage illegal and inhuman wars against other countries simply to destabilise an area of the world – and convince you it is protecting your life and the lives of your children. Funny how it only seems to be evil dictators, and repressive regimes, in areas of the world that control valuable natural resources like oil and gas that gets their population liberated from oppression and torture and suffering. These same problems going on in Africa, Asia and South America seem to be quite acceptable to the same governments that find them unacceptable in the Middle East.

The government takes charge of your health too. Courts decide whether or not you can live or die. They insist that you have your children vaccinated with their vaccines whether you like it or not.

Lies and Dollars

I read an article a few years ago when there was all that furore about brain damage as a result of the MMR triple vaccine. There was a lot of heavy advertising following this and the government made it very difficult for parents not to have their children vaccinated. The article I read suggested that the drug company that made the drug had large quantities of it stored away and it was reaching its expiration date. The groundswell of parents wanting to miss out the mumps bit of the vaccine was going to lose this drug company a great deal of money – hence the manipulation of the population from a government level and the massive advertising campaign. I don’t know how true this is but I didn’t have a problem believing it. This perspective on the situation fitted the observed facts better than that of the doctors encouraged to tell reporters that the vaccine is perfectly safe. If there are large sums of money changing hands in the background then you are probably being manipulated.

Having said that, whatever you do, and whatever you believe is your choice – even though your freedom of choice has been seriously compromised by propaganda. For instance, in elections you have the illusion of choosing a candidate to vote for. But the truth is that you had no choice about who was on the list you are handed in the polling station. Those choices were made by others. You are simply offered the illusion of choice from those who best toe the appropriate party line or can be presented as squeaky clean and best match the allusions of the local voters.

You Can’t Un-Choose Once You Have Committed

However, notice that allowing someone else to make your choices for you is giving them the gift of power over you. Taking on what they say, along with other viewpoints, and then making your choice based on what feels appropriate to you in the moment is to make a choice to retain your power and your freedom. It never matters what you choose – only the reason you make that particular choice is what’s important. Deepak Chopra, in The Book of Secrets, assures us that the moment we make a choice the whole of the Universe is behind us assisting us and making sure of the best possible outcomes for that choice. What this means is that only the moment exists, and only your intentions in that moment matter. So whatever you decide you decide with the best intentions given your current level of awareness, knowledge, and life experiences. There is no predestination. Once you choose A instead of B, B no longer exists as an option. A is all the Universe has to work with and the energy of attraction is constantly re-configured around you based on your current thoughts, beliefs and perceptions in order to get you what you want. Only your own resistance to having what you want can prevent it.

Unfortunately, resistance is often invisible and so it seems, perhaps, that you are unlucky or unloved by God.

Freedom is achieved by going within and feeling your way to an appropriate choice.


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