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10 May
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Hypnosis – Quick fix or permanent change

Look, I want to have loads and loads of money, but I don’t want to do any work in order to have it. Have you any suggestions? Seriously, apart from buying a lottery ticket – do you have any suggestions? I want to laze around all day and just have money arrive in my bank account, and not just little bits of money – loads and loads of it, and I want it guaranteed for life. Not only that but I want it right now, and I’m only prepared to pay you ¬£40 for you to give that to me, and even that seems a little steep, so if you could give it for free that’d be great. I don’t want to hear you saying that you might be able to help me, or that I might be able to learn something that might take a couple of months, I need it and I need it now.

I hope you are laughing.

I hope you are at least smiling.

Sounds a bit like a child doesn’t it?

If you change money, to a cure for anxiety, or stress, or phobia, or smoking, or losing weight, or nail biting, or marital problems, or excessive drinking, or blushing, or headaches, or pain, or a whole host of other physical and psychological problems… then what you have in the opening paragraph is what most people expect from hypnosis.

Many don’t want to be responsible for their own health, and don’t want to put any personal effort (other than turning up for one, or at most two, appointments) into getting better and although a hypnotherapist is always the last resort, they expect miracles from him or her that they wouldn’t dream of expecting from a psychologist, psychiatrist or medical doctor.

Hypnosis needs the full involvement of the patient in order for results to be achieved. It needs a commitment to stick with treatment until the problem is resolved or it is quite clear that the treatment is having no further impact on the problem. Sometimes we need our problems, but that’s another article. And when we need our problems we are quite often strongly resistant to having someone help us to resolve them – or even to allow someone sufficient access to our minds to discover what exactly the reason is.

Another reason for the unreasonable expectations people have of hypnosis and hypnotherapists is that hypnosis is seen as some sort of general anaesthetic. I’ve lost track of the number of people (even doctors) who expect me to ‘put them out’, and are disappointed when that doesn’t happen. But because they see hypnosis as a general anaesthetic they expect some sort of ‘mental operation’ to take place while they are ‘out’ and to be ‘fixed’ when they ‘come round’, as if their life-long anxiety pattern, or over-eating habit was some appendix that could be whipped out, the hole sewn up and the pain gone.

These problems can be helped, eased, or restored to what might be considered normal, using hypnosis. Sometimes it’s straightforward, sometimes it takes effort and determination to resolve the issues that are reducing quality of life. I remember in my early days as a hypnotherapist, at the end of a course of treatment a patient said to me that what I had given her was like coming down on Christmas morning and opening a gift to find in it what she most desired in the world, it was like I’d given her her life back.

That’s the potential of hypnosis.
Michael Hadfield D.Hyp., MBSCH

1 Comment

  • You could try meditation or you could use YouTube to hyoptnize you. Try a hypnosis or meditation app from the app store. Maybe you could get a massage from a salon or a friend. Relax in a pool for awhile. Watch a motivational movie. The 212 boiling point video on YouTube is motivational. There’s a lot of things. Somethings will work some won’t. I wish you the best of luck with exams!References : Was this answer helpful?

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