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23 Jan
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Hypnotherapy Masters Course

I spent last weekend enjoying the company of some fellow hypnotherapists as we all attended the Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence’s Hypnotherapy Masters Course.

This two-day course covered a whole range of advanced hypnotic techniques. Among other things we explored the use of metaphor and the Milton Model in great depth; conversational hypnosis; getting into the clients map of the world in order to induce trance more effectively; attracting opportunities and teaching clients how to create their own experiences; as well as a variety of hypnotic language patterns, the yes set and Swish Pattern for weight loss.

A very useful folder full of scripts and examples was provided as well as plenty of opportunity for practical exercises to hone these new techniques. But what I liked most was the friendly & comfortable atmosphere which I find facilitates learning much more effectively than a more formal classroom environment. Sara Lou-Ann Jones, who ran the course, is a very capable, knowledgeable and competent instructor.

I had a good time, learned some new skills, and am happy to recommend this course to anyone wanting to add a little more depth to their therapeutic skill set.


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