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25 Sep
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Relief is at Hand

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a strange problem. Strange because although it is defined as what it is by the Medical Profession, they define it as a non-disease. So what exactly is a non-disease? A non-disease is a physical problem that is common enough to warrant a label, but upon investigation shows no evidence of any physical abnormality. In other words, the gut of someone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) looks just the same as the gut of someone with a normal healthy digestive tract.

So how do doctors identify IBS as the problem?

What they do is look at all of the symptoms, and if the symptoms do not apply to any other disease in their list of diseases – then it is diagnosed as IBS.

To me this seems a little unscientific to say the least. Still at least it gives the sufferer a diagnosis and a label. And, after all, that is what most people want from their doctor.

Okay, so there is a diagnosis. Surely that is the precursor to a cure or at least to some medication that will remove the symptoms?

You would think!

Unfortunately there is no cure for IBS. Nor are there any drugs that effectively medicate the problem.

One of the problems that the medical world has with IBS is its inconsistency. Some people suffer a great deal of pain, others less so. Some have diarrhoea, some have constipation – my most recent client suffers from both. Some can go out, some end up virtually housebound because of the necessity to always be within running distance of a toilet.

IBS is a horribly, debilitating, quality-of-life destroying problem that affects over 10% of the western world. IBS is a very common problem.

A lot of people find IBS seems to be connected with their diet and that cutting down on certain foods brings alleviation of symptoms. Others would practically have to eat nothing and would still be suffering. But since it is foods like wheat or dairy that are most problematic, and since foods like wheat or dairy are in almost every manufactured food and, therefore, difficult to eliminate – sufferers frequently continue to eat and put up with the suffering. It seems easier to have some pleasure in life, that is food, and swallow laxatives or diarrhoea treatments to deal with the resultant problems.

One of the clear associations with IBS that has emerged is that of stress. Stress aggravates the bowel. A lot of work has been done that shows that, even if nothing else is attended to, that stress reduction alleviates IBS symptoms and provides relief. And by far the best techniques for stress reduction are hypnosis and meditation. Meditation takes some determination to learn and requires regular (daily) practice. Hypnosis is easier because all you have to do is listen. You can listen to a CD or to a hypnotherapist in a one-to-one session.

However, to just use hypnosis for stress-reduction would be a waste of a very powerful healing resource. Hypnosis can impact and relieve symptoms. Hypnosis has been known to cure (though significant relief from symptoms is a more likely outcome of treatment). To find out more about how hypnosis can quickly bring about relief from IBS symptoms – visit my website for more information.

Author: Michael J. Hadfield

Source: Hypnosisiseasy

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