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28 Dec
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Lose Weight Respectfully – and Regain Control of Your Life

It’s all over now, so roll out the diet plans. I hope you enjoyed your mid-winter festival of feasting and gift giving. Whatever reason you have for doing it, its origins lie in the celebration of the return of light, lengthening days, and a new season of growth, fresh food, and a new harvest. But, whatever its causes, I’ve already noticed on the social media the comments beginning about losing weight and dieting. It’s almost as if people want to punish themselves for having fun and enjoyment. ‘I’ve over-indulged, so now I have to pay for it by going on a diet’ – seems to be the rationale behind this.

But New Year is traditionally a time of renewal and a time for recognising that life isn’t quite working out the way you planned and it’s time to do something about it. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions rarely make it to February – so why bother?

We bother because we want to feel like we are taking control of our lives. We bother because we hate feeling helpless and in the power of others. In the current climate, with this financial meltdown and Governments making ridiculous decision after ridiculous decision just to desperately maintain the status quo of the power brokers – we feel more powerless than ever, so we look round at this time for pretty much the only thing we still appear to have control over – our bodies. And then we take all our frustrations out on them.

A diet is a horrible thing to do to a body. There is no need to suffer because you had fun over the holiday. Yes you are carrying too much weight – so what. Yes you probably did add several pounds in the space of a week – so what. You were probably already overweight. The problem is not what you did over the Holiday, it’s what you’ve been doing for the past decade or two. So given that this is not a new problem that suddenly needs fixing, allow yourself a little time to solve it.

The minute you give yourself a little time to solve your weight problem, you can be gentle and loving with your body and allow the weight to disappear gently and slowly. You do this not by starving yourself, but by being gentle with you and exploring the small changes you can make that are sustainable.

Did you know that 20% of dieters barely last two months and about half never make it to the end of the year. Almost all of them end up heavier than they were before they started the diet. There’s loads more information about why diets are seriously bad for your health, and how you can lose weight permanently by following just 10 simple steps in my book How to Lose Weight Easily and Free Yourself from Diets Forever – available from Amazon.

So before you go rushing out to look for the latest fad diet, or hand over your sign-up fee to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slimming World or any other weight loss organisation,check out my book – it’ll cost you a lot less than one week’s attendance fee and has the power to free you from diets… …forever.

You see, when you lose weight with respect for your body (which is what my book teaches you how to do), that respect overflows into other areas of your life. When you are gentler with you, you are effortlessly gentler with everyone else. Because you are gentler with everyone else, people treat you with greater kindness and appreciation. In other words, the World feeds back to you how you are with you. So by making a simple choice to lose weight naturally you regain that control you felt you had lost and as you regain control over your body shape you will find, almost magically, that you will begin to experience much greater control in other areas of your life too. Things will start to work for you, and you will begin to experience a greater happiness than you have known in a long time. You cannot be happy when you are fighting your body, any more than you can be happy when you are fighting unruly, misbehaving children.

So check out my book about diet-free weight loss and discover that new you that you were looking for.

Whatever you decide – I wish you luck, and the body you desire.


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