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25 Feb
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Magic or Self Hypnosis?

When life is getting on top of us; when nothing seems to be working; when we look around and see others with everything we want; that is when we start to look around, maybe even pray, for a little magic. As adults we don’t believe in magic, we’re much too grown up for that – but we still want it. So anything that smacks a little of that childhood fantasy world, where a thought creates a kingdom, will grab our interest like nothing else.

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to think your Wonderful World into existence. How amazing would it be to daydream about your perfect partner and then bump into them the next day? How incredible would it be to lie amidst the bubbles in the bath fantasising about the work you would love to do? Maybe you were dreaming of visiting exotic holiday destinations followed by a film crew as you tell the world about these amazing hidden places. Maybe you are inventing the next gadget to take the world by storm. Maybe you see yourself in charge of a multi-million dollar corporation with a life-style to match. Maybe your dreams are of a simpler life closer to nature and free of all the anxiety and stress of the rat race. Then, maybe a week, or a month, later, a chance meeting or an interesting conversation leads you to take the first step on that path to your heart’s desire.

Strange things begin to happen, and after a few months of this, you notice a pattern beginning to emerge. Your happy thoughts, your peaceful daydreams, and your fun fantasies are creating your world. You realise that the pleasurable thoughts you have in those moments when you are at peace, and free from anxiety, worry, and stress, are actually manifesting themselves in your reality.

Then, with this realisation, you understand that you truly are creating your own reality – just like it says in all of those books on Law of Attraction.

Unfortunately, in real life, the consistency of daydream to reality never quite seems to take off. Yes, we notice odd thoughts and ideas that drift through our minds and then seem to take on a life of their own; but reality still sucks most of the time.

If only there was a way to improve the success rate.

If only there was a way to make even a small shift towards a life of more positive experiences.

If only there was a way to reconnect with the magic of childhood.

Well, there is. But I’m sure the title gave the game away a long time ago.

If you are prepared to put in the work to learn some new techniques; if you are prepared to practise daily; then you can begin to create the magical life you desire. But it starts with small steps and small expectations until you build up your confidence and realise that you do Create Your Own Reality, and that all of the Law of Attraction stuff really does work if you approach it this way.

So if this interests you. If you want to learn how to use your mind to create the world you want rather than the world you have – then check out my new Self Hypnosis book that tells you exactly how to begin this process of bringing the magic back into your life.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve fulfilment.

You deserve freedom.

All you have to do is to take it.

So take it NOW.


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