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14 Dec

New Weight Loss Book Out Today

Well after weeks of writing and proof-reading and making minor changes, my book is finally on Amazon’s electronic shelves. Despite the fact I must have read it a dozen times at least – it still engages me, so I reckon there’s an excellent chance you’ll like it too.

It’s only available as a Kindle Edition at the moment so you’ll need a Kindle, or an iDevice, or Android thingy, with the Kindle app on it in order to enjoy it. I’m hoping to get it on to iBooks, but that won’t be for a while yet and the Kindle app is one that I use so there’s no need to wait. The price is almost a giveaway.

Here’s the Description I posted on Amazon:
If you’d like to know how to lose weight easily, naturally, and in a way that works with your body rather than against it, then this is the book for you. It’s about a healthy way to lose weight that is so much simpler than all of those complicated charts and calculations that you have to do when you engage in dieting. The author explores the ways in which diets not only make you fat but are also seriously bad for your health. This book exposes the myths that the Diet Industry perpetuates in order to keep people hooked on dieting. Simple solutions are offered so that attitudes towards food and eating can be easily changed. The focus is on an easy step by step approach, for which the author offers a simple 10-step action plan. This leaves the reader in control of their eating and losing weight in a way that is sustainable without the need to ban any specific foods.

And that’s pretty much it. If you follow my guidance, and read it now and again, this book could change your life, your relationship with food, and your weight. It could free you from your battle with food if you engage with the ideas I present within. It encapsulates a lot of what I’ve discovered over the last 14 years helping people to lose weight and it’s life-changing potential makes it incredibly valuable.

And if you’d like to have a preview then you can search within the book and get an excerpt. Just type your search string in the box below.

Search the full text of this book

All this for about the price of a cup of Coffee. What have you got to lose?

If you buy it and you like it be sure to leave a comment below. I’d really appreciate your feedback – and if there’s any aspect of weight loss you’d like me to address then please use the opportunity to let me know.


So, what do you think?