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11 Jul

It’s True… You Can Eat Cake For Breakfast And Still Lose Weight

Everyone is looking for the magic weight loss bullet. It doesn’t exist, but surely the next best thing is eating cake and still losing weight. Here’s how cake-eating can assist you in your weight loss goals and help you to lose those excess pounds without denying yourself your favourite foods.

10 Jul

Worrying Women Worry More Than Men Who Don’t Worry Enough

Women who worry apparently worry more than men who worry. Not surprising really, with a multi-tasking brain, women have more channels to worry with simultaneously than us poor men who can only do one thing at a time. So we get to either worry or do something. Women get to worry and do something. But some erstwhile scientists have been beavering away in their lab with electroded-up women just to prove that this is really true.

9 Jul

What To Do When The Past Gets In The Way Of Peace And Happiness

Things happen, even though they shouldn’t happen – they do. When they do, they leave us with a mind filled with thoughts that won’t go away. These thoughts steal our energy and rob us of any pleasure in life. How do you find peace when you can’t change the past? How can you find happiness when the memory of what happened will always be with you?

8 Jul

Peer Pressure And How To Make Choices

How free are you to choose? When your social group wants to do one thing and you want to do something else – what happens? Do you need the approval of others more than you need your freedom? Interesting questions.

6 Jul

Meditation – Is This The Key To Anxiety Control?

Meditation is under-utilised by the medical profession. This is especially true for cases of anxiety, stress and depression. But meditation not only improves mental health and stability, it also has amazing physical benefits too. Nowadays you can enjoy the benefits without even learning how to do it. It’s almost meditation on prescription…

5 Jul

Should I Give To Shelter… Or Do Something More Interesting Instead

What do you when someone working for a charity stops you in the street and starts to chat to you as if you were an old friend or someone they’ve been waiting all their lives to meet? Do you chat with them? Do you get annoyed and march off? Do you give them the money they want? Do you pretend they are invisible and avoid eye contact at all costs? I didn’t do any of those things…

4 Jul

How To Stay Motivated When Nothing Is Happening

We’ve all had that big idea that never came to anything. We’ve even had the small ideas, like losing a few pounds, that seemed so easy at the beginning, but ended up seeming to be much more difficult than we ever imagined. Here’s why we fail, and how not to…

3 Jul

Lose Weight, Stay Fit And Healthy – All You Need Is An App.

An app for everything – so now you can keep track of measurable aspects of your health, monitor your progress, and show everyone a colourful graph clearly showing how good you are. But how useful is it really? A gimmick, or a genuinely helpful tool in your medicine cupboard?

2 Jul

Ten Ways To Boost Testosterone Levels Safely

People tend to think of depleted testosterone purely in terms of sex drive and sexual dysfunction, but it affects so many more areas of a man’s health. Testosterone is a hugely important hormone, and when there isn’t enough of it to go around, we can’t think clearly or concentrate and even become forgetful. Left untreated long-term it can lead to more serious problems like heart disease or osteoporosis. But, like many health problems, there are simple steps you can take to turn the situation around and in the process feel years younger…

30 Jun

The Low Gi Diet Increases Metabolic Burn – the Scientists Said So, So it Must Be True.

If you are on a low-carb diet, this information may cause you to reconsider. In fact it’s looking, purely in health terms, as if the low-GI is the winner. But then that’s based on one piece of research that hasn’t yet been reproduced. Still the results are interesting, and the knowledge that some foods can actually change your metabolic rate is well-worth finding out about if you are struggling to lose weight.