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15 Jun

Keys to Happiness – Love

Happiness is what most of us seek, but the mistaken belief is that ‘things will make me happy’. So, we go through life seeking new toy after new toy, new experience after new experience, new relationship after new relationship all the while believing that the ‘next new thing’ will change our lives forever. But happiness is elusive and as the new toy becomes familiar the happiness leaves and so we start the search all over again. But the reason we never find what we seek is because we are looking in the wrong place. Happiness is in our nature. It comes from within. Once you discover the trick to looking at the world, happiness emerges and you are reborn.

14 Jun

Qsymia/Qnexa – the New Weight Loss Miracle Drug.

Miracle drugs are generally only miracle drugs until the lawsuits start to come in. Miracle drugs only really get tested after approval when they are prescribed in their millions. There is no safe weight loss pill on the market. Every miracle weight loss drug has eventually been withdrawn because of serious side effects. The hamster wheel is about to run again as Qnexa comes close to receiving approval and hits the market. When it does it will make $ billions for its manufacturer.

13 Jun

If You Knew How to Not Worry – Wouldn’t You Already Be Doing it?

We’re supposed to worry when bad things are about to happen to us or our loved ones – right? Wrong! Worry is normal. I mean everyone does it. But what use is it? What purpose does it serve? And is there any way to just worry about the really important things and not worry about all the other stuff?

12 Jun

How About a Cup of Instant Weight Loss?

Everyone wants rapid weight loss. There are billions of dollars spent each year in the search for this holy grail. It’s possible, but really difficult to achieve. The real problem though is that when you get there it’s almost impossible to maintain. There is another way. A better way – but it means losing it slowly, but in doing so you discover a new way to eat that denies you nothing yet allows you to maintain your weight just where you want it.

11 Jun

Is it Anxiety… is it Stress… or Just a World Where You Don’t Fit In?

For around 1 in 5 people the world is a terrifying place – a place they don’t seem to fit. There is loudness all around and every conversation seems to be about nothing. I mean why put energy into speaking unless there is something important to be said? This is the world of the Introvert and the Highly Sensitive Person. It can be a lonely place to live. Here’s how to start making it better.

8 Jun

Weight Loss, Aviva, and Your Bank Account

When is a survey not a survey? Surveys sometimes seem to state the obvious, or seem to have been a waste of time and energy because the conclusion offers no surprises. But for a relatively small amount of money, a little creativity in the interpretation of the results, and you get your name in front of a whole new audience. Much cheaper than paying for advertising banners that internet users are now savvy enough to ignore.

23 May

Now in paperback on this side of the Atlantic

My New Weight loss book is now available in paperback in the UK exclusively from Amazon - with free delivery available. Check it out now.

5 May

The Truth About Weight Loss and How to Succeed Anyway

The reason dieting is so popular is because it doesn't work. If it worked people would only do it once. But they don't, they diet again and again and again. The reason is that Weight Loss is an industry and an industry needs to keep its customers. They do this by doing two things. They allow enough of you to be successful in the short term so they can use these successes to 'prove' it works. The other is that when you fail, they convince you that it was your fault. You didn't stick to the diet. They maintain two myths. The first is that if you do more of something that doesn't work then it will eventually work. The second is that if something isn't working it's because you aren't doing it properly.

4 May

Two Approaches to Weight Loss – Which One do You Use?

Diets are deadly. The evidence is out there - all you have to do is look for it. But most people don't want to because Diets are what everyone does - and who wants to do something different - even if it works. Much better to stay on the treadmill, dieting again and again, piling on more weight each year. But if you truly are tired of all of this and want to do something that works, something that allows the weight to drop off naturally then why not at least have a look at How to Lose Weight Easily"

26 Apr

Chakras – in the Balance

Chakras are strange, invisible vortices of energy, little whirlpools stationed at intervals all along the spine. Do they really connect us to everything and everyone and thereby control our every experience of life. Seem a little far-fetched? Well maybe not so much, after you've read this to find out more about your chakras