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26 Apr

Chakra Healing & Meditation Video

An introduction to chakras & healing. This video explores evidence for their 'reality', as well as how they can be used to diagnose and also improve health & well-being. The physical, emotional and spiritual areas that they control is explained for each of the 7 major chakras, so it should be easy to identify which of the chakras need to be worked on. An accompanying Chakra Meditation is also available for immediate download Chakra Visualization MP3 Download

24 Apr

Chakra Meditation CD on Sale Today

It's a strange sensation seeing something you've worked hard at creating suddenly up there and ready to be judged by your public. I've sent out a few review copies and received positive feedback and some suggestions for future meditation recordings, so I'm confident that this recording will have benefits for regular listeners.

13 Apr

How to Lose Weight Easily – Out in Paperback Today, and There’s Even a Way to Get it for Free

How to get a free copy of my Weight Loss Book from Amazon.

9 Apr

Tapping into Your Hidden Power with Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is the safe way to make changes. Self hypnosis allows you to dissolve the fears that prevent you from living the life you desire and attracting into it those things that you love. Self hypnosis is easy to learn, and fun to play with. The only limit to the rewards is your own imagination.

4 Apr

The Making of a Guided Chakra Meditation CD for Chakra Balancing

One of the things I keep intending to do is to expand my range of cds and mp3 downloads. At the moment I think I've got two hypnosis CDs and just today I've increased my range of more spiritual recordings to three by adding my guided chakra meditation to my list.

15 Mar

Is Soda Pop at the Heart of the American Obesity Epidemic?

Recent research by Harvard University suggests that sweetened beverages, consumed at a rate as low as one can a day, can have a life-threatening impact upon your health. Not only that, but the diet versions want to make you eat more sweet stuff. And water is just, well... boring!

7 Mar

Calories are not Created Equal

Got a news update from WDDTY, earlier today (which I’ll get on to shortly) that intrigued me because it suggested evidence for what I’ve suspected for a very long time – that it’s what you eat that matters, not how […]

5 Mar

Google is in Charge of the World

Or at least they will be before long. I was out with a friend the other day and he mentioned that Google is creating a driverless car. Talk about knowing what your business is about! Still I guess with Google […]

21 Feb

How Failing to Keep Weight Off Makes You a Weight-Loss Expert

Some weight loss books are really good, others miss the point entirely. Find out why some celebrities are giving really bad advice.

6 Feb

Does Your Comfort Zone Stop You From Doing What You Want to Do?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. What exactly is a comfort zone? To be honest, I’m not at all sure. It’s one of those terms that are bandied about in a way that makes me think that even if […]