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29 Sep

Drink Coffee – Lose Weight

Interesting, I thought and did a quick count. 8 overweight, 3 about average, and two slim. Then I noticed what they were eating...

26 Sep

Weight Loss – Feeling Out of Control?

Resistance is a state of mind that holds in place whatever it is you are resisting. It does this because in order to resist you need to be aware of whatever it is you are resisting. Whatever you are aware of is in your mind (otherwise you would not be aware of it), and whatever is in your mind is what your subconscious seeks to create. Your subconscious works with images and there is no image for not or no. So the thought, or the awareness, of not wanting to be overweight translates into the subconscious as be overweight. And that’s exactly what you get while you resist what you already are.

20 Jun

Chronic Pain – Relief or Reduction

Chronic Pain isn't as intractable as it appears. The mind is much more powerful. However, the technique requires a suspension of disbelief that something so simple can remove or reduce years of suffering in minutes.

13 May

Free Aid to ordering glasses on-line

When you order glasses from any of the many reputable on-line businesses you can save yourself hundreds of pounds. The last time I went to an optician (about 8 years ago) my order came to £320. When those glasses became […]

14 Apr

5 Secret Steps to Reduce Ageing

Have you tried every anti-ageing cream under the sun? But no matter which cream, pill or potion you try… it seems that NOTHING can battle back the ravaging effects of time… a fact that’s depressingly reflected back in the mirror […]

17 Mar

Lower Blood Pressure With 6 Natural Foods

Lower Blood Pressure With 6 Natural Foods By John J Thompson So you want to take the natural route of lowering your blood pressure? That’s not a bad choice, prescription medications can have dangerous side effects and throw your whole […]

9 Mar

Alternative Health & Pain Management Medicine

Alternative and complimentary medicine offers various non-traditional but effective treatments for your health needs, including pain management. In spite of misconceptions brought about by the media, the philosophical, historical and cultural aspects of alternative health techniques are the major hallmarks of alternative and complimentary medicine. Ethical practitioners respect scientific authority regarding health issues and will never pressure you to discontinue the use of evidence-based medicine. You should always be consult your regular before seeking alternative therapies for your pain.

8 Mar

About Alternative Health

Alternative health is continuing to gain popularity as people seek more ways to maintain health without drugs or invasive measures. Alternative Health can be easy to achieve if you have a plan.

7 Mar

Mental Health Maintenance Is Made Simple

Your mental health is often drastically improved when you use the techniques Dr. Kuhn teaches in this article. When you are able to experience this improvement, your relationships blossom, career paths open, and people find you attractive and accessible. You deserve to have fun and joy in your life - and Cliff Kuhn, M.D. will help you do that.

4 Mar

Taking Control of Your Health & Well-Being

Do you ever wonder why, in spite of all your good intentions, you just cannot seem to take control over your health and wellness the way you really want to? The answer to that question can be found in the words of Albert Einstein, who reminded us "you cannot correct a problem with the same thinking that created it”. In other words, you cannot change old behaviors without new information.