12 Mar

Losing Weight Is Easy – If You Do This One Thing

There is no question about it. Weight loss is difficult. It’s difficult to stick to your diet when you get hungry. It’s difficult to stick to your diet when all your friends are enjoying your favourite food on a night out. But it gets really tough when that weight loss slows to a crawl and you have to starve for a week to lose just an ounce of fat. It always ends up so difficult that sooner or later you just give up, have a binge, and then feel sorry for yourself before climbing back onto the hamster wheel to repeat the whole process all over again. Isn’t it time to try something different. Isn’t it time to try something that works. There is just one thing you need to do in order to have the body of your dreams.

9 Mar

Beat Chronic Stress and Live Longer

Stress, and the body’s response to it, is a natural and helpful process. It is a survival strategy. The problem is that it only evolved to deal with short-term stress, like escaping from a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, our bodies respond to our imaginary worlds as if they were real and so you can create a stress response just by thinking about something that scares you.

25 Nov

Break Your Addiction to Fattening Foods – Hypnosis Session

This video is designed to help to ease you away from fattening and unhealthy foods. This is that vital first step in losing weight. So, as you feel less and less drawn to fattening and sweet foods, you will naturally find much greater pleasure in making healthier choices. You may find it totally effortless, or you may discover that you can make the right choices more of the the time. Either way, you may find that listening to this on a daily basis will give you the encouragement that you need to succeed with your weight loss goal.

6 Oct

How to Find Out if You Are Likely to be Susceptible to Stress

The medical world is losing touch with reality. This is especially true of psychological problems. They forget that patients are people with thoughts, feelings, and a mind of their own that is frequently well able to understand what the problem is without needing a machine to confirm it. What is really required is re-assurance and a plan for wellness that holds out hope of success. What isn’t required is more pills.

23 Sep

Being Overweight Is Not About Will Power – It’s About Manipulation

Eating is something we have to do. Eating is something many of us enjoy. The body is fully equipped to let us know when we’ve had enough and when we need more. So why is it that so many people ignore, or just don’t feel, those feelings of fullness? Why is it that so many people eat well beyond the point of fullness until they are feeling quite uncomfortable? There is a reason – and it is nothing to do with will-power. What it is about is manipulation.

8 Sep

Weight Loss and The Trouble with Diets

Have you been on a diet more than once? Are you planning on dieting again in order to lose weight? Have you ever questioned why the weight doesn’t stay off, or why it is easy to lose weight early on and then becomes progressively more difficult? In this video I explain why, and open the door to an alternative system that allows you to lose weight without cravings or hunger.

22 Aug

Does Breakfast Really Boost Metabolism and Help You To Lose Weight?

Breakfast is one of those meals that some people can’t get going without and others don’t even think about. But when you want to lose weight it begins to look like an easy way to dump a few hundred calories from your daily intake and that’s got to help with the weight loss – right? Wrong! Read on to find out why.

19 Aug

Is There Anything Left To Eat?

There is this idea going around that red meat is bad for you, but is it true? Michael Mosley doubled his consumption of red meats and interviewed several food scientists in an attempt to discover the truth about red meat and whether or not it actually does you any harm. What he found may surprise you. It certainly caused Michael Mosely to re-think what he eats.

18 Aug

Hypnosis , Cancer, and Chemotherapy

You don’t hear much about the use of hypnosis in the treatment of cancer. In fact, in the UK where I am based, it is actually illegal to even suggest or imply that anything can cure cancer other than conventional western medical treatments prescribed by a medical doctor. Isn’t that ridiculous? Especially since I have read several books where cancer has been cured using non-conventional means, and those methods have been subsequently used to cure others. But the real problem with cancer is that it is a killer, therefore you can’t mess about. So I’m not going to suggest anything that I can’t prove to the satisfaction of the crazy people who are making up the rules, and are also afraid of the loss of income from the huge business that cancer treatment is. Instead I will simply offer my skills to support patients undergoing conventional treatment and to help them to not only survive that treatment but also to ease the side-effects they are most likely to suffer – particularly from chemotherapy. This article points you to the evidence that hypnosis is very effective at this.

14 Aug

Stress in Bed

Are you already stressed by the time your feet hit the floor in the morning? Do you fall asleep with a head full of thoughts and images about what is going wrong in your world? You are not alone. Too many people experience a stress-filled life – a life that their bodies were never designed to cope with. We need to function in this modern hurly-burly we call society, and in order to do so we need to have something easily accessible that gives our minds and bodies a break – something that we can call on when we need it. If we don’t, the consequences show up sooner or later as depression, anxiety, time off work for mental health problems, or physical disease. You need to do something now.