11 Aug

Worry – What Is It Good For?

Most of us know how to worry. For some of us though, it plagues our lives and interferes with the simple enjoyment of everyday activities. We see problems where others see pleasure. We are concerned for others who seem to have no concern for themselves. Life seems to be out of control and we just can’t rein it in.

7 Aug

Do You really Need to Lose Weight?

The weight problem in the western world is of epidemic proportions. On one side we have the media suggesting that unless you are ridiculously slim you are unattractive, and on the other we have the medics telling us we are killing ourselves. But is anyone actually telling the truth?

1 Aug

10 Quick Tips To De-Stress At The Office

Life can be difficult - especially if money is in short supply, relationships are troublesome, and going to work is a struggle because the environment is tense. Here are ten quick tips that take only a minute or two each that you can use and that will free you up and give you the mental space you need to access those inner resources that have lost touch with. Print it out and keep it with you.

29 Jul

If You Want To Lose Weight – There Are Two Things You Need To Know

If you are seeking to lose weight by dieting then think again. The very nature of dieting causes the willpower battle that you will always end up losing. You really need to understand how your brain responds to foods, sugars, and novelty in order to successfully lose all of that excess weight and to keep it off.

25 Jun

Smoke Yourself to Death – We Don’t Care

Legislation designed to help prevent the take up of tobacco smoking in teenagers has been so watered down as to render it impotent. Why? Because teenagers today are the cigarette buyers of the next 40 years. It’s just market protection by the Tobacco Industry. People don’t matter. They know, because they’ve done the research, that if they can get you smoking in your teens, then they’ve got you as a customer for the rest of your, probably short, life. They need to get you hooked in those 7 critical years whatever the cost to you, your health, or the overloaded medical services.

13 May

Are You One Of The 1 In 5?

Do you suffer from anxiety? Are you ashamed of it? Do you feel isolated by it? You are not alone. A report from the Mental Health Foundation suggests that a lot of people suffer from anxiety and, for most of them, they suffer in silence and struggle with life instead of having fun and enjoying the companionship of friends and family. It may seem like it’s your physical world circumstances that are the source of your anxieties – bills, relationships, employment amongst others – but it is your inner world that needs to change first. Your outer circumstances will follow. Here’s one solution you may wish to try…

3 May

What to do When Your World Overwhelms You

It’s really strange how our emotions seem to control our lives. Well… perhaps not so much our lives, but how we feel about our lives. You can be sailing along quite happily and then suddenly a big storm appears out of nowhere – just didn’t see it coming – and bang your world is in pieces and the prospect of a return to the idyllic happiness you were experiencing is gone forever.

29 Apr

Words Add More Weight Than Calories

Words are powerful, so powerful they can create. But not in the way you’d think. Complaining and criticising create more of what you don’t want. Very young children who are told they are too fat end up fatter than children who are allowed to eat without criticism. It is all too easy to criticise. I bet at some point today you have already heard about something someone has a problem with, or thought about something you know should be different from the way it is. That negative mind set is all too easy to fall into – especially when we can see what someone else needs to do or change. We only want to help, but it seems we do more harm than good. Read on to find out why…

8 Apr

The Ten Commitments – For When the World Overwhelms You

For some, life is a struggle. Sometimes that struggle reaches a place where the struggler is about to be buried alive under the weight of problems they cannot cope with. Their life overwhelms them. It is a horrible place to be, feeling suffocated by life itself and having nowhere to turn, no avenue left to explore – just too much to do and no resources to do it. Here is the solution…

13 Mar

Advertising Standards Authority the Truth – Alyssa Spills All

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is not a government body and despite the legalistic sounding descriptions of it's processes is actually a Public Limited Company (PLC) - just like Tesco or Boots. Despite claims of sanctions against advertising transgressors it seems that sanctions are not the product of a court ruling (as you would expect) but a Google ad campaig aimed at bullying the transgressor into submission before their business is adversely impacted. Why am I putting this up? This affects everyone interested in Alternative Health. It appears impossible to reason with the ASA and they appear to choose evidence that supports their position while ignoring evidence that doesn't. I also feel that anyone who has worked hard enough to earn themselves a PhD deserves to be honoured by the title Doctor and not avoid that term because the ASA doesn't like it.