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23 Feb

Lynne McTaggart: Intention, quantum physics, the bond – Bridging the science and spirituality

Lynne McTaggart is the author of The Field, The Intention Experiment, & The Bond. In this video she talks about the science that makes sense of things Like the Law of Attraction and how the mind influences the world.

22 Feb

Michael Talbot & the Holographic Universe

Now, in The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot reveals the extraordinary depth and power of this radical theory. He explains the theory behind a holograph and how it provides a model for aspects of brain function and for whole areas of quantum physics. Illustrating the paranormic way in which the the holographic model makes sense of the entire range of mystical, spiritual, and psychic experiences, Talbot pushes the barriers to explore the implications for other universes beyond our own.

21 Feb

Goal Weights: What Are They and Why Do I Need One?

Losing weight without a target is like sailing without a chart and compass. You need to know where you are going in order to have any hope of arriving. You also need to know when you drift off course. Your Goal Weight serves this purpose. It gives you something to aim for and lets you know when you have arrived. However, it is all too easy to set a goal weight that is simply unattainable for you. This leads you down the continued path of failure and unrealised dreams. But there are one or two things you need to take into consideration in order for your goal weight to assist you towards success rather than keep you stuck right where you are.

20 Feb

Is ADHD Really Just A Problem With Food?

ADHD has become a badge proudly worn – not by the children, but by the parents. It is a label that says my child’s behaviour is nothing to do with me; it’s a mental health problem. Sometimes that will be true, but in the vast majority of cases it seems like a little bit of sleuthing around what you feed them will not only remove their distress easily, but also save them from a lifetime of the side effects from the medication they would otherwise receive for a problem they don’t have.

19 Feb

You Can Heal Your Life

Yesterday I was writing about illness and that MindBody connection that allows us to change the way our body responds to the difficulties we encounter in life. Much has been written about self-healing, but this is the best place to start if you are interested in taking back your power from the medics and the big pharmaceutical companies. Medics and drugs can certainly help, and the world without them would be a poorer place – but they are not Gods and they are not in charge of you.

18 Feb

If the Mind Creates Illness, How Can We Use It To Create Wellness?

The Mind Body interaction is nothing new – except maybe to your doctor. It is, however, not easy to control. But, first things first, you need to establish for yourself the truth that your mind creates your body before you take that giant leap into self-healing. So we start with small things and enjoy a little success with those first before we challenge the world of Western Medicine.

17 Feb

Weight Loss is Not the Same as Fat Loss

Diets come in two forms: disguised calorie reduction schemes like Weight Watchers & Slimming World, or food-type based like Atkins. The problem with all of these systems, or plans, is that they focus on entirely the wrong thing. What they focus on is weight loss. What they need to focus on is fat loss. But weight is better for business because you get quick results that convince participants the system works. What this is followed by is a long uphill struggle battling with hunger, cravings, and denial. But that has to be down to you – after all you lost weight in the first two weeks! It couldn’t be down to a flawed system that was designed to hook you in, without ever giving you what you really want – could it?

16 Feb

Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief

Bruce Lipton's book The Biology of Belief is one of the most powerful books I've read in a long time. It will shift your thoughts about what is possible with regard to your thoughts, disease, illness, and aging.

15 Feb

Green Mental Health: An Alternative to Toxic Psychiatric Drugs

Genita Petralli, Nutritional Biochemist talks about alternatives to toxic psychiatric drugs. Genita suggests that challenges, such as depression and anxiety, are caused by environmental toxins and so adding more toxins in the form of drugs simply makes things worse.

15 Feb

Peter Breggin M.D. on the Dangerous Effects of Psychiatric Drugs.

Rebel Psychiatrist Peter Breggin, author of Toxic Psychiatry, talks to Michael Savage about suicide and the dangerous effects of commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs.