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14 Feb

Fat Acceptance is the New Weight Loss

It seems that there is a new Buzz Phrase in the weight loss world – Fat Acceptance. It’s going to catch on. It’s going to be big. It’s going to be huge because it makes it sound like being fat is ok, and if you are overweight that’s exactly what you need to hear.

13 Feb

The Art of Listening

Silence is golden the song said. But never when two or more people are together – then silence just becomes more and more uncomfortable. People speak to end that silence. But those they speak to are uninterested in what is being said because a ball has been tossed over the net and it now has to be returned – bigger, better, faster…

11 Feb

Are We Killing Our Kids?

There was a time when we would do everything we could to prevent our children from coming to any harm. That desire of every parent is being undermined by the businesses and politicians that we give our power away to. Children from age 4 through to University are being tested and stressed and having more and more pressure put on them to perform to crazy expectations. And because we don’t want our child to be the one left out we push just like everyone else. It’s killing our kids. It isn’t going to stop either. But there is something you can do to protect your child…

10 Feb

Dieting Is Difficult Because Eating Is Effortless

Overeating is learned behaviour. If you can learn to overeat then you can learn to eat the right amount. It is a relatively easy process and only requires the same level of commitment that you need to begin a diet. The big difference is that, unlike dieting, there is no battle, no fight, and no cravings to battle with. The whole process is simply one of replacing the habit of eating too much with the habit of eating just the right amount.

9 Feb

Opticians Don’t Tell You the Full Story

You don't get the full story from opticians because they are trained to believe that what they say is the truth - that the only way to have better vision is to wear corrective lenses. Mind you by the time they add the coatings and the high index plastic and this and that you don't get much change from a lot of cash. But I'm sure that profit has absolutely nothing to do with their recommendations.

8 Feb

The Vitamin D Revolution by Soram Khalsa, M.D.

Dr Soram Khalsa talks about the links between low vitamin D levels and diseases like breast cancer. Part of the problem, he suggests, is that even in sunny climates like California, sun block is preventing the body's natural manufacture of vitamin D, so supplementation is essential for optimum health.

7 Feb

Biggest Loser Wins, Or Do They Really Lose After All

There are two broad approaches to weight loss: quick and dirty, or slow and sustainable. I am an advocate of the latter, but the quick and dirty approach sees Rachel Frederickson 155lbs lighter and $250,000 richer. The before and after pics look like two different people. But is she just harming herself, and will it last?

6 Feb

Why is Change so Difficult?

Change is so difficult, but that’s because the problem behaviours are inherently hard-wired as a form of self-protection. It’s just the way the MindBody works. Change can be accomplished but it must be done with an understanding of the real nature of the problem and a desire to persevere until permanent relief is experienced.

5 Feb

That Cream Cake Might Kill You After All

Breast cancer has been linked to obesity in post-menopausal women. Obesity is an epidemic with about a third of adult Americans carrying at least 30lbs excess weight. The problem is only a little better in the UK. It seems like that cream cake might just kill you after all. But what can you do, how exactly do you shift from the lifestyle you have to the lifestyle you want?

4 Feb

Fever Is Good For You

The standard advice is to take medication, usually ibuprofen, or paracetamol to reduce fever. Yet this contradicts the body’s own wisdom. With flu, the body doesn’t heat up because the flu likes it hot – it heats up because the flu does not like it hot. It is a defence mechanism. When you interfere with that process, by taking pharmaceuticals to reduce fever, you prolong the illness and expel active pathogens from your body for longer. So you cause many more infections than if you’d just stayed at home and waited for the fever to subside. The body is wise and knows how to heal itself. Trust it.