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25 Feb

Magic or Self Hypnosis?

...after a few months of this, you notice a pattern beginning to emerge. Your happy thoughts, your peaceful daydreams, and your fun fantasies are creating your world. You realise that the pleasurable thoughts you have in those moments when you are at peace, and free from anxiety, worry, and stress, are actually manifesting themselves in your reality.

13 Dec

Chakra Balancing for Health and Well Being

You know those problems that keep on recurring in your life: the different partners that always end up treating you the same way; the jobs that never work out as you hoped they would; and the money that, no matter how much you get, always disappears even faster; well I might be able to show you why you keep living through the same problems again and again. It could be all down to dodgy chakras. Chakras are energy valves and the energy gets pinched off through trauma and disappointment right from early childhood. If any one chakra is not working optimally then it could be causing recurring patterns in your life. Like stagnation rather than growth or development. If this is you then there is a solution...

8 Nov

Angels, Pre-Cognition, and Causes after Effects

I love it when the magic happens. The magic is that something that occurs that has no rational explanation yet leaves you with the sense that something special has occurred. I have to admit that for some these experiences are so commonplace that they seem normal and are, therefore, accepted without question. Fortunately for me at least they are rare enough for me to notice, enjoy, and wonder quite how everything really fits together.

28 Oct

Chakra Dowsing For Improved Health And Healing

Using a chakra meditation is a very powerful ay to initiate physical and emotional healing. But first you might want to check if your chakras need attention. Here is a simple way to test out the health, or otherwise, of your own – or a friend’s –chakras along with the steps you need to take to effect any changes that are necessary.

23 Oct

Fun Gadgets To Help You Lose Weight

The problem with losing weight is not eating less or exercising more – it is sticking with it for long enough to get the results you desire. What you need is constant encouragement. So here are a few fun gadgets to help you stay motivated and encouraged until you achieve your target. With their help you can be successful with your weight loss goals and you can discover how to keep the weight off once you arrive.

14 Sep

Insomnia And How To Beat It

Many people do not have the quality or quantity of sleep that they need to function at their best. Sleep deprivation saps energy and vitality, reduces alertness and ability to concentrate, and even causes long-term health problems. It is a widespread problem, but many people do not realise how easy it is to make a few small changes that will make a huge difference to how well they sleep.

13 Sep

As Long As You Do It Regularly – You Can Eat As Much Fat As You Want

In the Olden Days, about 40 years ago, there was no obesity epidemic. Macdonald’s had only just started to take over the world, so access to high fat food you could eat walking down the street was not quite as easy then as it is now. A trip to the local chippy once a week for a treat was about as close as it got. Now, everybody is either fat, or desperately struggling to stay slim. But salvation may be round the corner. New research suggests that it isn’t what we eat that makes us fat, it’s when...

12 Sep

Blood Pressure – The Hidden Disease.

The trouble with blood pressure is that it gets too high without letting you know. Most people only discover they have high blood pressure during a routine visit to their doctor for something else entirely. And that discovery usually results in even more unnecessary medication, because blood pressure is something that you can, in most cases, do something about yourself. Blood pressure can be lowered with some small lifestyle changes – but first you need to find out how easy it is to keep track of your own Bp so that you never get that unpleasant surprise.

7 Sep

Stress Adversely Affects Unborn Children

Stress, anxiety, and worry detract from the joy of living. Depression turns off all the lights. Hopes dreams and even simple desires seem out of reach and without hope life is a daily struggle. None of this stops people having families, but, it seems, that it does have a negative effect on a child developing in the womb. So if you suffer from more mental anguish than most people seem to, then find out what you can do to make it all go away.

6 Sep

Coffee Bean That Melts Fat?

It’s interesting what pops into your inbox. A piece of unsolicited mail this morning led me on an interesting search where I discovered something interesting. The green Coffee bean extract weight loss hype might just have something behind it. But is it the next natural miracle weight loss cure in a pill...