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Past-Life Regression

Another enjoyable Saturday working with another group of hypnotherapists¬† at the¬† Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence’s Past-Life Regression course.

This one day course is designed to teach experienced hypnotherapists how to delve into the territory of Past-Life regression. The course is run by Jimmy Petruzzi & Sara Lou-Ann Jones – both very competent and knowledgeable instructors who are a pleasure to work with.

As usual for this training centre, an excellent folder full of ideas and scripts was provided along with plenty of opportunity to practise with the other participants.

Although I have had several years’ experience with past-life regression I still found the course fascinating and came away with some new ideas, and also had the opportunity to experience being regressed myself and that is always an interesting experience. Among other things members of the group experienced encounters with elephants, life as a hunter-gatherer, and being a medieval miller.

Undoubtedly a fun way to spend a Saturday in good company and with excellent guidance.


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