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23 Dec

Radio Interview

I had a phone call the other evening from Sue, a DJ at Halton FM radio, wanting to know if I’d be ok doing an interview over the phone to promote How to Lose Weight Easily. The interview was set for an hour later so I’d have time to prepare.

That’s what gave me pause for thought. I’m more of a spontaneous person. I don’t enjoy preparation I like being asked questions, having a moment or two to think and then responding. I realise that a moment or two to think doesn’t really work very well on the radio because it comes across as silence. Still, the last time I visited Sue at the studio, when I was helping my friend Janette Fleming to promote our Paranormal Week event at the local library, the spontaneous thing worked quite well until we had a phone in question about UFOs, when I gave an answer that wasn’t really what the questioner wanted to hear – largely because I’m not a real believer in an alien presence in the sky. But I quite like that thinking on my feet, and it’s so much easier than doing homework when you have someone like Sue asking intelligent and thoughtful questions.

But this time I wanted to promote my book How to Lose Weight Easily and that left me with a problem.

You see I put all the good stuff in the book and I didn’t really know how to generate interest without sharing all of the content. I only had about a ten minute slot, so I opened up the Word file and looked at my chapter headings and made some notes and tried to get a sense of what the book was about. Now the book is about weight loss – I know that much. But there are a gazillion other books out there about weight loss so what makes this one special?

I looked and wondered and came to the conclusion my book had three main points of focus that might interest the listener. The first is how we get into this state of overweightness in the first place. That’s largely down to the training we received as youngsters that helped us to develop not only an unhealthy relationship with food, but also mistaken beliefs about the power that food has to make us feel better.

Next was the massive revenues of the weight loss industry and the misinformation they provide. I only found out about this after publication, but it reinforces the message in the book that the weight loss industry is not to be trusted. I read a story about Jessica Simpson being paid $3,000,000 to promote Weight Watchers. So prospective customers see a high profile celebrity being highly successful at losing weight because they follow the Weight Watching rules. What the article then went on to mention was what the customers don’t see. They don’t see the personal trainers, or the dieticians, or the rest of the staff provided to the celebrity totally free of charge because failure is not an option. I mean if someone was paying you $3,000,000 wouldn’t you succeed at whatever amount of weight you had to lose? It’s false and creates unreasonable and unrealistic expectations. But this is typical of the way that the diet industry manipulates the expectations of prospective customers. And that’s where we get to the point I did mention in the book – if you fail it’s your fault, not ours. My book busts that myth and others – wide open.

The final area of focus is looking at your body and how it responds to food shortage. This is important because my method is to focus on losing weight in a natural and healthy way because understanding your body’s responses is essential to being clear about why diets don’t work.

Anyway I made my notes on one side of a piece of A5 paper. Made myself nice and comfy and waited for the phone to ring.

…and that’s when all of that stuff went right out of my head and I just talked about whatever I found myself talking about. I think it went ok but I actually found it much harder doing this over the phone than when I’ve been in radio studios before (I’ve also been a guest on Roy Basnett’s Zone Unknown at City Talk FM a couple of times). I like to watch the presenter for cues and clues about when to start and when to stop. An interesting experience and one I enjoyed the challenge of. Hopefully I’ll be able to get hold of a copy of the interview and post it on here some time soon so you can have a listen and let me know if you like it.


So, what do you think?