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4 Aug
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New Spirit Guide Meditation CD

Just wanted to let you know that my new Meditation CD Spirit Guide Meditation is now available for sale on Amazon.com.

I’ve had a Spirit Guide CD available on my web site for many years and it is my most popular title. But it’s ages since I recorded it, so I thought it was time for a makeover. I developed a brand new script and added some background music in order to deepen the relaxing effects even further.

I received my proof copy the other day, which I needed to check before giving the go-ahead for publication, and I was really pleased with it. It looks good, sounds good and will most probably do you good – when you listen to it that is.

The CD version is only available from Amazon.com, but you if you want an MP3 then you can download a copy of Spirit Guide Meditation directly from my website.

The idea behind this meditation is that we all have within us a source of knowing. Some people might call that intuition, inspiration, or luck. Others see it outside of themselves and may think in terms of a guardian angel or spirit guide. Whatever you call it is right for you, but for this meditation I’ve chosen to call it Spirit Guide because that’s what I am most familiar with (see my books Mirror Mirror – The Looking Glass Self and Mirror Mirror – The Deeper Reflection). Once I’d made that connection myself, I was amazed at how much I suddenly knew that I didn’t know, and the questions that I could answer when I didn’t know the answer.

Now if that sounds a bit gobbledegookish, I quite understand, but it’s something you really have to experience in order to get. It’s a bit like your mind opens up and has access to information even though you haven’t encountered that information before.

The problem that most people have is finding a reliable method for connecting with this inner wisdom, this source of guiding knowledge that turns your life around and helps you to understand why things are the way they are. It also guides you to an understanding of how to use what you see around you to free yourself from your chains.

Hence this meditation CD. Its purpose is to make it easy to make that connection. The common reasons that the connection is difficult to establish is inner resistance to what might happen, and mental noise, or thoughts that won’t quieten down so you can hear that wise whisper more clearly. The CD cuts through both of those problems and within it contains the solution so that when you arrive at the meeting place your mind is receptive and clear.

I’ve designed it so that you not only enjoy a deeply pleasureable relaxation, but your mind is also lulled into the perfect state to connect with your Spirit Guide in whatever form is most comfortable to you.

This is a way to access information and receive advice that’s tailored perfectly for you.

Get hold of a copy of Spirit Guide Meditation, and start enjoying its benefits now.

I hope you enjoy it.


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