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21 Apr

How to Reduce Anxiety in Just Five Minutes

Anxiety destroys quality of life. But it is also part of life. The trick is to learn how to control it, to alleviate it and even, on occasion, to simply allow it to be there. Here’s one quick ‘trick’ that will allow you to escape from its grasp for a short while. That short while may not be as long as you want, but it gives you a break any time you want one, and it teaches you, most importantly, that you can have control of your life.

19 Jun

Reduce Anxiety, Easily and Quickly.

Anxiety is horrible. And if you are a chronic sufferer then life isn’t much fun most of the time. But the worst part of it is that your mind seems to be your worst enemy – you feel so different from everyone else and so isolated. Yet, if you erally want to take control and do something about it there are simple things you can do that make a difference. The more you persevere with them – the bigger the difference they make. This one is the easiest of the lot.