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18 Aug

Hypnosis , Cancer, and Chemotherapy

You don’t hear much about the use of hypnosis in the treatment of cancer. In fact, in the UK where I am based, it is actually illegal to even suggest or imply that anything can cure cancer other than conventional western medical treatments prescribed by a medical doctor. Isn’t that ridiculous? Especially since I have read several books where cancer has been cured using non-conventional means, and those methods have been subsequently used to cure others. But the real problem with cancer is that it is a killer, therefore you can’t mess about. So I’m not going to suggest anything that I can’t prove to the satisfaction of the crazy people who are making up the rules, and are also afraid of the loss of income from the huge business that cancer treatment is. Instead I will simply offer my skills to support patients undergoing conventional treatment and to help them to not only survive that treatment but also to ease the side-effects they are most likely to suffer – particularly from chemotherapy. This article points you to the evidence that hypnosis is very effective at this.

5 Feb

That Cream Cake Might Kill You After All

Breast cancer has been linked to obesity in post-menopausal women. Obesity is an epidemic with about a third of adult Americans carrying at least 30lbs excess weight. The problem is only a little better in the UK. It seems like that cream cake might just kill you after all. But what can you do, how exactly do you shift from the lifestyle you have to the lifestyle you want?

27 Jul

Does Anxiety Make You Older?

We all know people who look young for their age. We all know people who are old before their time. What makes the difference? Recent research suggests it could be down to chromosome damage caused by worrying, but I’m not so sure. Why not have a look at the evidence and see what you think? After all it might mean the difference between looking great and feeling good as you get older, or spending the rest of your life wondering ‘why me?’