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2 Mar

Chakra Activation & Healing Meditation

If it's wet, cold, or otherwise miserable where you are and you have nothing better to do then why not pass an hour listening to this binaural beat meditation designed to open up your chakras.

1 Mar

Putting Down Roots Is The Best Way To Start Working With Chakras

It seems that each of us possesses mysterious, invisible, tiny tornadoes whirling away quietly in the background. They affect our mood and our health. On the face of it I admit it sounds a little far-fetched, but as soon as you start to dig a little deeper you realise that what seems real could be imagined and what seems to be fantasy is really real. This is the world of energy medicine where chi is in charge and the flow is what matters.

13 Dec

Chakra Balancing for Health and Well Being

You know those problems that keep on recurring in your life: the different partners that always end up treating you the same way; the jobs that never work out as you hoped they would; and the money that, no matter how much you get, always disappears even faster; well I might be able to show you why you keep living through the same problems again and again. It could be all down to dodgy chakras. Chakras are energy valves and the energy gets pinched off through trauma and disappointment right from early childhood. If any one chakra is not working optimally then it could be causing recurring patterns in your life. Like stagnation rather than growth or development. If this is you then there is a solution...

28 Oct

Chakra Dowsing For Improved Health And Healing

Using a chakra meditation is a very powerful ay to initiate physical and emotional healing. But first you might want to check if your chakras need attention. Here is a simple way to test out the health, or otherwise, of your own – or a friend’s –chakras along with the steps you need to take to effect any changes that are necessary.

26 Apr

Chakra Healing & Meditation Video

An introduction to chakras & healing. This video explores evidence for their 'reality', as well as how they can be used to diagnose and also improve health & well-being. The physical, emotional and spiritual areas that they control is explained for each of the 7 major chakras, so it should be easy to identify which of the chakras need to be worked on. An accompanying Chakra Meditation is also available for immediate download Chakra Visualization MP3 Download