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Tagged with " Freedom"
16 Apr

Is Reality Just a Magic Trick?

Is reality real? Unfortunately there’s no way to tell. But if it is an illusion, a dream, albeit an unpleasant one, then wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to change the dream, or create a better illusion. Perhaps that is the first step to enlightenment.

15 Apr

How Free Are You?

Is freedom an illusion? Are we controlled by others? How do we know when our choices are in our own best interests? Subtle control and manipulation are all around us. Advertising is the most obvious and blatant, but we are not as free as we’d like to think simply because we are social animals and group approval, from an evolutionary perspective, is life or death. So a part of our minds is constantly looking for clues as to how we are being perceived and modifying our behaviour to generate more pleasing responses.

11 Aug

Worry – What Is It Good For?

Most of us know how to worry. For some of us though, it plagues our lives and interferes with the simple enjoyment of everyday activities. We see problems where others see pleasure. We are concerned for others who seem to have no concern for themselves. Life seems to be out of control and we just can’t rein it in.

4 Dec

The ABC of Anxiety Relief

A 10 minute video explaining a simple 3-step process that will help you to reduce the impact of anxiety or worry in your life. Anxiety & worry tend to arrive on our doorstep when we feel that our life is out of control and things (friends, governments, managers, family…) stop behaving in the ways that we feel comfortable with and start behaving in ways that cause us to suffer. We may not be able to change the world – but we can change our response to it.

3 Aug

Don’t Worry, or You’ll Soon Be Dead!

It isn’t really surprising that psychological distress knocks a few years off your life, but what is surprising is just how little psychological distress you need to experience in order to find yourself bowing out before your time. Find out what’s stealing years from your life and what you can do to live a longer, happier, and more fulfilling life.

25 Jul

Fix Stress Quickly And Easily

It seems that most people know how to worry. What’s tricky is learning how not to. It is possible not to worry. It is possible to reduce significantly the amount of worrying you do. The less time you spend worrying, the more your mindspace is freed up to engage more fully with your creativity. A worry-free mind allows the playfulness within you to come to the fore and life becomes much more enjoyable as you begin to taste true Freedom.

8 Jul

Peer Pressure And How To Make Choices

How free are you to choose? When your social group wants to do one thing and you want to do something else – what happens? Do you need the approval of others more than you need your freedom? Interesting questions.