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Tagged with " Happiness"
9 Jul

What To Do When The Past Gets In The Way Of Peace And Happiness

Things happen, even though they shouldn’t happen – they do. When they do, they leave us with a mind filled with thoughts that won’t go away. These thoughts steal our energy and rob us of any pleasure in life. How do you find peace when you can’t change the past? How can you find happiness when the memory of what happened will always be with you?

24 Jun

Meditation – How It Can Open the Door to a New Life.

A little digression from my more serious writing today to introduce you to the idea that your mind is the key that will let you open the door to a richer, happier, and more fulfilling life. Meditation is one of the ways to access this key, though there are others. Discover some of the clues that are there to help you find your way to the treasure and realise that you can do anything you want – if you want it enough to not care whether you have it at all.

15 Jun

Keys to Happiness – Love

Happiness is what most of us seek, but the mistaken belief is that ‘things will make me happy’. So, we go through life seeking new toy after new toy, new experience after new experience, new relationship after new relationship all the while believing that the ‘next new thing’ will change our lives forever. But happiness is elusive and as the new toy becomes familiar the happiness leaves and so we start the search all over again. But the reason we never find what we seek is because we are looking in the wrong place. Happiness is in our nature. It comes from within. Once you discover the trick to looking at the world, happiness emerges and you are reborn.

6 Oct

The Impact of Words & Psycho-Cybernetics

When I started my Clinical Hypnosis training way back in 1997 one of the books on the recommended reading list was Maxwell Maltz's Psycho-Cybernetics. Since it didn't seem directly related to hypnosis, and had a slightly odd title, I never bought a copy.

7 May

Wishful Thinking – the Fulfilment of Desire

is life taking you to places that you would choose if you were in charge of life?

24 Nov

Keys to Happiness: Self-Appreciation

Happiness is often elusive. Here is an important key that will allow you to re-discover the joys within yourself.