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27 Feb

Is Disease Necessary in Order to be Healthy?

The idea that disease is useful seems a little out there. But when you reflect upon the patterns and connections of your own minor illnesses you will almost certainly see patterns and make connections. Could disease be nothing more than a warning that your MindBody is straying into dangerous territory. If you pay attention to the warnings you heal. If you ignore them you develop more serious illnesses. Could this be possible? Could it be true?

18 Feb

If the Mind Creates Illness, How Can We Use It To Create Wellness?

The Mind Body interaction is nothing new – except maybe to your doctor. It is, however, not easy to control. But, first things first, you need to establish for yourself the truth that your mind creates your body before you take that giant leap into self-healing. So we start with small things and enjoy a little success with those first before we challenge the world of Western Medicine.

8 Nov

Angels, Pre-Cognition, and Causes after Effects

I love it when the magic happens. The magic is that something that occurs that has no rational explanation yet leaves you with the sense that something special has occurred. I have to admit that for some these experiences are so commonplace that they seem normal and are, therefore, accepted without question. Fortunately for me at least they are rare enough for me to notice, enjoy, and wonder quite how everything really fits together.

26 Apr

Chakra Healing & Meditation Video

An introduction to chakras & healing. This video explores evidence for their 'reality', as well as how they can be used to diagnose and also improve health & well-being. The physical, emotional and spiritual areas that they control is explained for each of the 7 major chakras, so it should be easy to identify which of the chakras need to be worked on. An accompanying Chakra Meditation is also available for immediate download Chakra Visualization MP3 Download

24 Jan

The Search for Alternative Health.

I’ve been reviewing my bookcase over the last few days. My bookcase, if you ignore the gardening, photographic, and tarot books, is full of self-help and spiritual volumes. It was these I was looking at with a view to seeing […]

10 May

Hypnosis – Quick fix or permanent change

unreasonable expectations lead to disappointments, being real assists success.

1 May

I Feel Lousy – Isn’t that Great!

Could physical illness be nothing more than a 'burglar alarm' to let you know your mind is focusing primarily on what you don't want? Is that cold just a safety valve to give you a break from the tedium and worry? Can you change that and enjoy good health for more of the time? Read on and discover the truth about your body and your mind.

25 Sep

Hypnosis or Magic?

I find myself in a strange occupation – hypnotherapy. I consider it strange because even people who come to me for my expertise in it don’t really have any idea about what it is or what it can do. Many […]