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9 Mar

Beat Chronic Stress and Live Longer

Stress, and the body’s response to it, is a natural and helpful process. It is a survival strategy. The problem is that it only evolved to deal with short-term stress, like escaping from a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, our bodies respond to our imaginary worlds as if they were real and so you can create a stress response just by thinking about something that scares you.

19 Aug

Is There Anything Left To Eat?

There is this idea going around that red meat is bad for you, but is it true? Michael Mosley doubled his consumption of red meats and interviewed several food scientists in an attempt to discover the truth about red meat and whether or not it actually does you any harm. What he found may surprise you. It certainly caused Michael Mosely to re-think what he eats.

18 Feb

If the Mind Creates Illness, How Can We Use It To Create Wellness?

The Mind Body interaction is nothing new – except maybe to your doctor. It is, however, not easy to control. But, first things first, you need to establish for yourself the truth that your mind creates your body before you take that giant leap into self-healing. So we start with small things and enjoy a little success with those first before we challenge the world of Western Medicine.

4 Feb

Fever Is Good For You

The standard advice is to take medication, usually ibuprofen, or paracetamol to reduce fever. Yet this contradicts the body’s own wisdom. With flu, the body doesn’t heat up because the flu likes it hot – it heats up because the flu does not like it hot. It is a defence mechanism. When you interfere with that process, by taking pharmaceuticals to reduce fever, you prolong the illness and expel active pathogens from your body for longer. So you cause many more infections than if you’d just stayed at home and waited for the fever to subside. The body is wise and knows how to heal itself. Trust it.

13 Dec

Chakra Balancing for Health and Well Being

You know those problems that keep on recurring in your life: the different partners that always end up treating you the same way; the jobs that never work out as you hoped they would; and the money that, no matter how much you get, always disappears even faster; well I might be able to show you why you keep living through the same problems again and again. It could be all down to dodgy chakras. Chakras are energy valves and the energy gets pinched off through trauma and disappointment right from early childhood. If any one chakra is not working optimally then it could be causing recurring patterns in your life. Like stagnation rather than growth or development. If this is you then there is a solution...

12 Sep

Blood Pressure – The Hidden Disease.

The trouble with blood pressure is that it gets too high without letting you know. Most people only discover they have high blood pressure during a routine visit to their doctor for something else entirely. And that discovery usually results in even more unnecessary medication, because blood pressure is something that you can, in most cases, do something about yourself. Blood pressure can be lowered with some small lifestyle changes – but first you need to find out how easy it is to keep track of your own Bp so that you never get that unpleasant surprise.

4 Sep

Is Fasting an Easier Way to Lose Weight than Dieting?

Fasting sounds like no fun at all. Either severe calorie restriction or no food at all, sounds too much like punishment to have any appeal. Yet science is now exploring the amazing health benefits derived from periods of fasting on a regular basis. Any difficulty in managing without food is more to do with psychology than with hunger and it isn’t that difficult to do. The alternate day fast lets you eat as much of anything at all while losing weight and enjoying massive health benefits...

7 Aug

Stressed Out? Then Just Eat Yourself Calm

When you are having a stressful day, all that’s really happening is that your thoughts are knocking your brain chemistry out of whack. But here’s a short-term solution that may well have you back firing on all cylinders before you know it.

1 Aug

More Bad News For Soft Drink Drinkers

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy then you know that cutting down on sugar is essential. Unfortunately sugar is hidden in many products. It’s even in products that you might not expect to find it – savoury products like potato crisps, baked beans, and mayonnaise. But soft drinks and sports drinks have been identified as one of the worst culprits with the equivalent of around 10 teaspoons of sugar in each can of coke. And it is now known that even drinking as little as two cans a week can adversely affect your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat. When your body can’t burn fat it stores it.

25 Jun

Weight Loss Horoscopes – Whatever Next?

Many of us like to have a glance at our daily horoscope, even if it’s only to dream for a few moments of the good fortune it promises. Naturally, we don’t believe a word of it. But there are plenty of people out there who make a good living preparing individual, detailed horoscopes, and offering useful guidance. The latest a suggestion is that your Moon Sign is the source of your weight problems. Read on and find out if there’s any truth to this…