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8 Sep

How to Increase Self Confidence Easily

Lack of self confidence prevents you from living the life you deserve to live. It prevents you from fulfilling your dreams and deepest desires. It feels like it’s a part of you – but it isn’t. What usually is a part of you is your sensitivity – to moods, feelings, atmospheres... But that lack of belief in self is something learned, something passed on by others. If you once learned it, you can begin to understand it, unlearn it, and free yourself from its chains.

22 Apr

Are You Overweight and Addicted to Food?

There are a lot of people who find it anything from difficult to impossible to control their eating. They eat compulsively regardless of whether or not they are hungry. They eat much more than they need. Enjoyment of life diminishes. Thoughts of food dominate, and feelings of guilt ensue after every failure. This is a big problem, obesity is no fun. It is even less so when you feel powerless to change it.

13 Apr

How Smokers Support Slavery

Smokers only harm themselves – right? I mean the passive smoking thing is pretty much dead now that smoking indoors is largely prohibited. Pregnant smoking Mums-to-be generally make the effort to stop or cut down during pregnancy. You might think that just about covers it – but it doesn’t. Thousands upon thousands of workers are being damaged every day in the tobacco industry. Do you know, for example, how much a 9-year old child gets paid for manufacturing 1000 cigarettes? Why a 10-year old might be chained to a cigarette manufacturing machine? Or what a Malawian family earns for a whole year’s tobacco crop from their farm?

9 Mar

Beat Chronic Stress and Live Longer

Stress, and the body’s response to it, is a natural and helpful process. It is a survival strategy. The problem is that it only evolved to deal with short-term stress, like escaping from a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, our bodies respond to our imaginary worlds as if they were real and so you can create a stress response just by thinking about something that scares you.

18 Aug

Hypnosis , Cancer, and Chemotherapy

You don’t hear much about the use of hypnosis in the treatment of cancer. In fact, in the UK where I am based, it is actually illegal to even suggest or imply that anything can cure cancer other than conventional western medical treatments prescribed by a medical doctor. Isn’t that ridiculous? Especially since I have read several books where cancer has been cured using non-conventional means, and those methods have been subsequently used to cure others. But the real problem with cancer is that it is a killer, therefore you can’t mess about. So I’m not going to suggest anything that I can’t prove to the satisfaction of the crazy people who are making up the rules, and are also afraid of the loss of income from the huge business that cancer treatment is. Instead I will simply offer my skills to support patients undergoing conventional treatment and to help them to not only survive that treatment but also to ease the side-effects they are most likely to suffer – particularly from chemotherapy. This article points you to the evidence that hypnosis is very effective at this.

29 Apr

Words Add More Weight Than Calories

Words are powerful, so powerful they can create. But not in the way you’d think. Complaining and criticising create more of what you don’t want. Very young children who are told they are too fat end up fatter than children who are allowed to eat without criticism. It is all too easy to criticise. I bet at some point today you have already heard about something someone has a problem with, or thought about something you know should be different from the way it is. That negative mind set is all too easy to fall into – especially when we can see what someone else needs to do or change. We only want to help, but it seems we do more harm than good. Read on to find out why…

3 Mar

Jennifer Saunders Uses Hypnosis To Help With Procrastination and Win £100,000

Ever had that experience where something that you need to do feels more like wading through treacle than sailing with a fresh breeze behind you? You know it’s really important, but it seems that every time you are about to start you remember something trivial that needs dealing with first. Then when you have completed all of those insignificant jobs it is time to put the kettle because you are too exhausted now to do what needs doing. Here’s how to fix it.

26 Feb

Limiting Beliefs & Hypnosis

The ideas we believe control our lives and our happiness. Emotional distress is experienced when something we believe about the world is inconsistent with the reality we experience. However, instead of re-evaluating our beliefs we usually just get angry or withdrawn because we know we are right. This limits us and constrains our life to an unsatisfying one where we can never truly be ourselves and learn to fly.

6 Feb

Why is Change so Difficult?

Change is so difficult, but that’s because the problem behaviours are inherently hard-wired as a form of self-protection. It’s just the way the MindBody works. Change can be accomplished but it must be done with an understanding of the real nature of the problem and a desire to persevere until permanent relief is experienced.

29 Jan

Weight Loss Is Not About Fighting Hunger

Hunger is not the issue with weight loss. Overweight people ignore feelings of fullness and eat anyway. But it isn’t about will-power either. It’s about our environment and the tricks people play on our minds because they want our money – again, and again, and again. It isn’t your fault if you are overweight – but that doesn’t mean you can’t be slimmer.