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13 Jul

I’ve Eaten Too Much – So I’d Better Eat Some More

It’s nice when the scientists get round to proving what you’ve know for a long time. And it certainly seems as if some scientists spend their time proving the obvious, but one of the benefits of research is that sometimes you get insight into the reasons why something is happening – not just that it does – and once you have insight, you can see your way to a solution.

11 Jul

It’s True… You Can Eat Cake For Breakfast And Still Lose Weight

Everyone is looking for the magic weight loss bullet. It doesn’t exist, but surely the next best thing is eating cake and still losing weight. Here’s how cake-eating can assist you in your weight loss goals and help you to lose those excess pounds without denying yourself your favourite foods.

4 Jul

How To Stay Motivated When Nothing Is Happening

We’ve all had that big idea that never came to anything. We’ve even had the small ideas, like losing a few pounds, that seemed so easy at the beginning, but ended up seeming to be much more difficult than we ever imagined. Here’s why we fail, and how not to…

3 Jul

Lose Weight, Stay Fit And Healthy – All You Need Is An App.

An app for everything – so now you can keep track of measurable aspects of your health, monitor your progress, and show everyone a colourful graph clearly showing how good you are. But how useful is it really? A gimmick, or a genuinely helpful tool in your medicine cupboard?

2 Jul

Ten Ways To Boost Testosterone Levels Safely

People tend to think of depleted testosterone purely in terms of sex drive and sexual dysfunction, but it affects so many more areas of a man’s health. Testosterone is a hugely important hormone, and when there isn’t enough of it to go around, we can’t think clearly or concentrate and even become forgetful. Left untreated long-term it can lead to more serious problems like heart disease or osteoporosis. But, like many health problems, there are simple steps you can take to turn the situation around and in the process feel years younger…

30 Jun

The Low Gi Diet Increases Metabolic Burn – the Scientists Said So, So it Must Be True.

If you are on a low-carb diet, this information may cause you to reconsider. In fact it’s looking, purely in health terms, as if the low-GI is the winner. But then that’s based on one piece of research that hasn’t yet been reproduced. Still the results are interesting, and the knowledge that some foods can actually change your metabolic rate is well-worth finding out about if you are struggling to lose weight.

28 Jun

Belviq – Another Dodgy Weight Loss Fix, or the Miracle the US Has Been Waiting For?

There’s a lot of it about. Weight loss drugs that is. Qnexa a short while ago, Belviq more recently. Are they the answer to American obesity epidemic? Or are they just opportunistic drug manufacturers cashing in on an opportunity. The trouble is that 2 out of 3 Americans are carrying too much weight. This problem brings with it a huge medical services burden because of the diseases that are associated with obesity. There is an official desperation to do something about it. So what is being done is what is always done – a quick fix is sought. And when a quick fix is sought for a desperate situation public safety takes a bit of a back seat. Both of these drugs were refused approval two years ago. Unchanged they are now in the process of receiving approval. Here’s why…

27 Jun

Obesity Checks – Big Brother or a Helping Hand?

Great news, at least on the surface; a US Task Force identifies the serious obesity problem as a cause for concern and recommends serious steps to take control of this problem. As usual though, the responsibility is placed in the hands of the medics and the pharmaceutical industry, rather than where it needs to be – in the hands of whoever has the weight problem. Offering help is great, giving people support is great, but I suspect this is just another way to exercise control and take your power away.

25 Jun

Weight Loss Horoscopes – Whatever Next?

Many of us like to have a glance at our daily horoscope, even if it’s only to dream for a few moments of the good fortune it promises. Naturally, we don’t believe a word of it. But there are plenty of people out there who make a good living preparing individual, detailed horoscopes, and offering useful guidance. The latest a suggestion is that your Moon Sign is the source of your weight problems. Read on and find out if there’s any truth to this…

18 Jun

Weight Loss – How Much Easier Can It Get?

Weight loss is treated by the weight loss industry as though it is something complex and requires you to spend money to achieve. It isn’t. There are simple things you can do to achieve your weight loss goals. The benefit you get is the sense of achievement that you did it yourself and you can feel rightly proud when you reach your target weight and know, deep down inside, that you are going to stay there.