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2 Mar

Chakra Activation & Healing Meditation

If it's wet, cold, or otherwise miserable where you are and you have nothing better to do then why not pass an hour listening to this binaural beat meditation designed to open up your chakras.

1 Mar

Putting Down Roots Is The Best Way To Start Working With Chakras

It seems that each of us possesses mysterious, invisible, tiny tornadoes whirling away quietly in the background. They affect our mood and our health. On the face of it I admit it sounds a little far-fetched, but as soon as you start to dig a little deeper you realise that what seems real could be imagined and what seems to be fantasy is really real. This is the world of energy medicine where chi is in charge and the flow is what matters.

4 Aug

New Spirit Guide Meditation CD

Just published, my new Spirit Guide Meditation CD. Find out a little more about how this can benefit you and provide you with insights and guidance for all of the challenges in your life.

31 Jul

Seven Quick Stress Reduction Tips

Anxiety is so endemic that it is beginning to seem normal. But the worrying that creates the anxiety is not necessary. It’s just that it’s the only thing we know how to do when life is going wrong. When you free up your mind, that allows in the inspiration that will show you the solutions you need. Here are seven simple things you can do to create the space to allow that inspiration to shine through.

30 Jul

Memory, Alzheimer’s and Meditation

It isn’t’ very often that science spends time researching the stuff that we know is beneficial – but it’s really nice when it happens. Some recent research has highlighted the benefits of meditation for memory improvement either due to ageing or the early stages of Alzheimer’s. This seemed really interesting and the meditation technique was new to me so I thought I’d give it a go. This is what I found.

6 Jul

Meditation – Is This The Key To Anxiety Control?

Meditation is under-utilised by the medical profession. This is especially true for cases of anxiety, stress and depression. But meditation not only improves mental health and stability, it also has amazing physical benefits too. Nowadays you can enjoy the benefits without even learning how to do it. It’s almost meditation on prescription…

24 Jun

Meditation – How It Can Open the Door to a New Life.

A little digression from my more serious writing today to introduce you to the idea that your mind is the key that will let you open the door to a richer, happier, and more fulfilling life. Meditation is one of the ways to access this key, though there are others. Discover some of the clues that are there to help you find your way to the treasure and realise that you can do anything you want – if you want it enough to not care whether you have it at all.

26 Apr

Chakra Healing & Meditation Video

An introduction to chakras & healing. This video explores evidence for their 'reality', as well as how they can be used to diagnose and also improve health & well-being. The physical, emotional and spiritual areas that they control is explained for each of the 7 major chakras, so it should be easy to identify which of the chakras need to be worked on. An accompanying Chakra Meditation is also available for immediate download Chakra Visualization MP3 Download