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8 Apr

The Ten Commitments – For When the World Overwhelms You

For some, life is a struggle. Sometimes that struggle reaches a place where the struggler is about to be buried alive under the weight of problems they cannot cope with. Their life overwhelms them. It is a horrible place to be, feeling suffocated by life itself and having nowhere to turn, no avenue left to explore – just too much to do and no resources to do it. Here is the solution…

7 Aug

Stressed Out? Then Just Eat Yourself Calm

When you are having a stressful day, all that’s really happening is that your thoughts are knocking your brain chemistry out of whack. But here’s a short-term solution that may well have you back firing on all cylinders before you know it.

25 Jul

Fix Stress Quickly And Easily

It seems that most people know how to worry. What’s tricky is learning how not to. It is possible not to worry. It is possible to reduce significantly the amount of worrying you do. The less time you spend worrying, the more your mindspace is freed up to engage more fully with your creativity. A worry-free mind allows the playfulness within you to come to the fore and life becomes much more enjoyable as you begin to taste true Freedom.

9 Jul

What To Do When The Past Gets In The Way Of Peace And Happiness

Things happen, even though they shouldn’t happen – they do. When they do, they leave us with a mind filled with thoughts that won’t go away. These thoughts steal our energy and rob us of any pleasure in life. How do you find peace when you can’t change the past? How can you find happiness when the memory of what happened will always be with you?

24 Jun

Meditation – How It Can Open the Door to a New Life.

A little digression from my more serious writing today to introduce you to the idea that your mind is the key that will let you open the door to a richer, happier, and more fulfilling life. Meditation is one of the ways to access this key, though there are others. Discover some of the clues that are there to help you find your way to the treasure and realise that you can do anything you want – if you want it enough to not care whether you have it at all.

21 Jun

Worrying is a Choice – Find Out How to Choose Not To

Worry is something that pretty much most of us know how to do. With some it is an occasional occurrence; with others it is a more or less permanent state of affairs. If you are one of the latter then read on for help is at hand. You won’t like it, because resistance to change is powerful. Resistance to acknowledging that what you have always believed to be true isn’t, is also strong. So as you read this, just entertain the possibility, that there might be a grain of truth in the words… and then see where that takes you.