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7 Sep

Stress Adversely Affects Unborn Children

Stress, anxiety, and worry detract from the joy of living. Depression turns off all the lights. Hopes dreams and even simple desires seem out of reach and without hope life is a daily struggle. None of this stops people having families, but, it seems, that it does have a negative effect on a child developing in the womb. So if you suffer from more mental anguish than most people seem to, then find out what you can do to make it all go away.

21 Jun

Worrying is a Choice – Find Out How to Choose Not To

Worry is something that pretty much most of us know how to do. With some it is an occasional occurrence; with others it is a more or less permanent state of affairs. If you are one of the latter then read on for help is at hand. You won’t like it, because resistance to change is powerful. Resistance to acknowledging that what you have always believed to be true isn’t, is also strong. So as you read this, just entertain the possibility, that there might be a grain of truth in the words… and then see where that takes you.

15 Mar

Is Soda Pop at the Heart of the American Obesity Epidemic?

Recent research by Harvard University suggests that sweetened beverages, consumed at a rate as low as one can a day, can have a life-threatening impact upon your health. Not only that, but the diet versions want to make you eat more sweet stuff. And water is just, well... boring!

6 Feb

Does Your Comfort Zone Stop You From Doing What You Want to Do?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. What exactly is a comfort zone? To be honest, I’m not at all sure. It’s one of those terms that are bandied about in a way that makes me think that even if […]

31 Jan

Does Losing Weight Have to be a Battle?

One phrase that springs to mind when I think about weight loss is ‘fight the flab’. This phrase was coined by DJ Terry Wogan many years ago when he used to have a slot on his Radio 2 show about […]

24 Jan

The Search for Alternative Health.

I’ve been reviewing my bookcase over the last few days. My bookcase, if you ignore the gardening, photographic, and tarot books, is full of self-help and spiritual volumes. It was these I was looking at with a view to seeing […]

26 Oct

Seven Steps Towards Freedom from Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can have a devastating effect on the lives of those they impact. This article looks at what is actually happening and highlights seven gentle steps that may help a sufferer to journey back to normality.