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13 Apr

How Smokers Support Slavery

Smokers only harm themselves – right? I mean the passive smoking thing is pretty much dead now that smoking indoors is largely prohibited. Pregnant smoking Mums-to-be generally make the effort to stop or cut down during pregnancy. You might think that just about covers it – but it doesn’t. Thousands upon thousands of workers are being damaged every day in the tobacco industry. Do you know, for example, how much a 9-year old child gets paid for manufacturing 1000 cigarettes? Why a 10-year old might be chained to a cigarette manufacturing machine? Or what a Malawian family earns for a whole year’s tobacco crop from their farm?

25 Jun

Smoke Yourself to Death – We Don’t Care

Legislation designed to help prevent the take up of tobacco smoking in teenagers has been so watered down as to render it impotent. Why? Because teenagers today are the cigarette buyers of the next 40 years. It’s just market protection by the Tobacco Industry. People don’t matter. They know, because they’ve done the research, that if they can get you smoking in your teens, then they’ve got you as a customer for the rest of your, probably short, life. They need to get you hooked in those 7 critical years whatever the cost to you, your health, or the overloaded medical services.

12 Jul

You Don’t Have To Gain Weight When You Quit Smoking

Recently published research seems to have proven what smokers fear most – they will get fat if they give up cigarettes. But, as always it pays to have a closer look at what the ‘experts’ seem to be saying. And just remember, there are a lot of people who are fat who don’t smoke, and a lot of people who don’t smoke who are slim. Maybe, just maybe, smoking has nothing to do with it.

4 May

Nicotine, Addiction & Stopping Smoking

The people with the loudest voices don't always know what they are talking about. The people with the most money don't always know what they are talking about. People who have a proven ability to bring about desired change might be worth listening to. Giving up smoking is about regaining your freedom. It isn't about chaining yourself to yet another product because the people who are making money out of you just don't want to let you go.