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30 Jan

Reducing Stress At Work

Stress in the workplace is endemic. Workers are used like robots. Individual skills and talents are ignored or under-utilised. Managers don’t have a clue. Companies, no names but you know who I mean, pay their workers the minimum they can get away with and exploit poverty and high unemployment to get away with unreasonable treatment of staff. It’s time for a revolution. Not a physical revolution but a gentle, slow, mindful revolution. If they can’t get to your mind, they can’t get to you. Train your mind and learn to be free.

4 Dec

The ABC of Anxiety Relief

A 10 minute video explaining a simple 3-step process that will help you to reduce the impact of anxiety or worry in your life. Anxiety & worry tend to arrive on our doorstep when we feel that our life is out of control and things (friends, governments, managers, family…) stop behaving in the ways that we feel comfortable with and start behaving in ways that cause us to suffer. We may not be able to change the world – but we can change our response to it.

14 Sep

Insomnia And How To Beat It

Many people do not have the quality or quantity of sleep that they need to function at their best. Sleep deprivation saps energy and vitality, reduces alertness and ability to concentrate, and even causes long-term health problems. It is a widespread problem, but many people do not realise how easy it is to make a few small changes that will make a huge difference to how well they sleep.

7 Sep

Stress Adversely Affects Unborn Children

Stress, anxiety, and worry detract from the joy of living. Depression turns off all the lights. Hopes dreams and even simple desires seem out of reach and without hope life is a daily struggle. None of this stops people having families, but, it seems, that it does have a negative effect on a child developing in the womb. So if you suffer from more mental anguish than most people seem to, then find out what you can do to make it all go away.

10 Aug

Highly Sensitive People and the Key to Freedom

The world is a tricky place to learn to live and survive in but most people manage it. However, around 20% of us arrive with a difference that makes fitting in really tough. This is the world of the Highly Sensitive Person. Once you understand the challenge you have been given, life becomes easier at first and then meaningful. Realising your specialness and the power within you are key to living a joyful life if you are a Highly Sensitive Person.

7 Aug

Stressed Out? Then Just Eat Yourself Calm

When you are having a stressful day, all that’s really happening is that your thoughts are knocking your brain chemistry out of whack. But here’s a short-term solution that may well have you back firing on all cylinders before you know it.

3 Aug

Don’t Worry, or You’ll Soon Be Dead!

It isn’t really surprising that psychological distress knocks a few years off your life, but what is surprising is just how little psychological distress you need to experience in order to find yourself bowing out before your time. Find out what’s stealing years from your life and what you can do to live a longer, happier, and more fulfilling life.

31 Jul

Seven Quick Stress Reduction Tips

Anxiety is so endemic that it is beginning to seem normal. But the worrying that creates the anxiety is not necessary. It’s just that it’s the only thing we know how to do when life is going wrong. When you free up your mind, that allows in the inspiration that will show you the solutions you need. Here are seven simple things you can do to create the space to allow that inspiration to shine through.

27 Jul

Does Anxiety Make You Older?

We all know people who look young for their age. We all know people who are old before their time. What makes the difference? Recent research suggests it could be down to chromosome damage caused by worrying, but I’m not so sure. Why not have a look at the evidence and see what you think? After all it might mean the difference between looking great and feeling good as you get older, or spending the rest of your life wondering ‘why me?’

25 Jul

Fix Stress Quickly And Easily

It seems that most people know how to worry. What’s tricky is learning how not to. It is possible not to worry. It is possible to reduce significantly the amount of worrying you do. The less time you spend worrying, the more your mindspace is freed up to engage more fully with your creativity. A worry-free mind allows the playfulness within you to come to the fore and life becomes much more enjoyable as you begin to taste true Freedom.