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18 Jul

Learned Helplessness – Can You Fix It?

There is no question that life can get you down. It can seem that no matter what you do, no matter what you try, you seem to stay just exactly where you are. This is the point at which many people just give up. They stop trying. They stop seeking a solution because it’s easier to accept the suffering than to live in hope. This does not mean there is no solution. It might just mean that you discovered early on in life that giving up was easier than constantly failing. At least that way you can convince yourself that it was just too difficult for you.

10 Jul

Worrying Women Worry More Than Men Who Don’t Worry Enough

Women who worry apparently worry more than men who worry. Not surprising really, with a multi-tasking brain, women have more channels to worry with simultaneously than us poor men who can only do one thing at a time. So we get to either worry or do something. Women get to worry and do something. But some erstwhile scientists have been beavering away in their lab with electroded-up women just to prove that this is really true.

9 Jul

What To Do When The Past Gets In The Way Of Peace And Happiness

Things happen, even though they shouldn’t happen – they do. When they do, they leave us with a mind filled with thoughts that won’t go away. These thoughts steal our energy and rob us of any pleasure in life. How do you find peace when you can’t change the past? How can you find happiness when the memory of what happened will always be with you?

8 Jul

Peer Pressure And How To Make Choices

How free are you to choose? When your social group wants to do one thing and you want to do something else – what happens? Do you need the approval of others more than you need your freedom? Interesting questions.

19 Jun

Reduce Anxiety, Easily and Quickly.

Anxiety is horrible. And if you are a chronic sufferer then life isn’t much fun most of the time. But the worst part of it is that your mind seems to be your worst enemy – you feel so different from everyone else and so isolated. Yet, if you erally want to take control and do something about it there are simple things you can do that make a difference. The more you persevere with them – the bigger the difference they make. This one is the easiest of the lot.

13 Jun

If You Knew How to Not Worry – Wouldn’t You Already Be Doing it?

We’re supposed to worry when bad things are about to happen to us or our loved ones – right? Wrong! Worry is normal. I mean everyone does it. But what use is it? What purpose does it serve? And is there any way to just worry about the really important things and not worry about all the other stuff?

11 Jun

Is it Anxiety… is it Stress… or Just a World Where You Don’t Fit In?

For around 1 in 5 people the world is a terrifying place – a place they don’t seem to fit. There is loudness all around and every conversation seems to be about nothing. I mean why put energy into speaking unless there is something important to be said? This is the world of the Introvert and the Highly Sensitive Person. It can be a lonely place to live. Here’s how to start making it better.

8 Jun

Weight Loss, Aviva, and Your Bank Account

When is a survey not a survey? Surveys sometimes seem to state the obvious, or seem to have been a waste of time and energy because the conclusion offers no surprises. But for a relatively small amount of money, a little creativity in the interpretation of the results, and you get your name in front of a whole new audience. Much cheaper than paying for advertising banners that internet users are now savvy enough to ignore.