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6 Oct

The Impact of Words & Psycho-Cybernetics

When I started my Clinical Hypnosis training way back in 1997 one of the books on the recommended reading list was Maxwell Maltz's Psycho-Cybernetics. Since it didn't seem directly related to hypnosis, and had a slightly odd title, I never bought a copy.

1 Feb

Past-Life Regression

Another enjoyable Saturday working with another group of hypnotherapists¬† at the¬† Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence’s Past-Life Regression course. This one day course is designed to teach experienced hypnotherapists how to delve into the territory of Past-Life regression. The course is […]

23 Jan

Hypnotherapy Masters Course

I spent last weekend enjoying the company of some fellow hypnotherapists as we all attended the Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence’s Hypnotherapy Masters Course. This two-day course covered a whole range of advanced hypnotic techniques. Among other things we explored the […]

12 Oct

Seven Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work

Want to know why you can't lose that weight? Want to know why the weight you lost always creeps back on? Want to know how to lose weight without dieting...? Here are the seven reasons why Diets Don't Work and how to use this knowledge to achieve the size you want to be.

3 Oct

Essential Training

1 day Effective Marketing Course for Therapists.