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28 Dec

Lose Weight Respectfully – and Regain Control of Your Life

It’s all over now, so roll out the diet plans. I hope you enjoyed your mid-winter festival of feasting and gift giving. Whatever reason you have for doing it, its origins lie in the celebration of the return of light, […]

23 Dec

Radio Interview

I had a phone call the other evening from Sue, a DJ at Halton FM radio, wanting to know if I’d be ok doing an interview over the phone to promote How to Lose Weight Easily. The interview was set […]

14 Dec

New Weight Loss Book Out Today

If you’d like to know how to lose weight easily, naturally, and in a way that works with your body rather than against it, then this is the book for you. It’s about a healthy way to lose weight that is so much simpler than all of those complicated charts and calculations that you have to do when you engage in dieting. The author explores the ways in which diets not only make you fat but are also seriously bad for your health.

27 Nov

Lose Weight Without Dieting

I’ve just finished writing my Lose Weight Without Dieting eBook. It’s free, so there’s no sales pitch here. Just click on the link above, leave me your email address, and I’ll send you the download details so you can read […]

2 Nov

What are your biggest difficulties with losing weight?

Help wanted for new weight loss program.

15 Oct

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Seems like a ridiculous claim, doesn’t it? But did you know that 90-95% of people who lose weight by following a diet plan regain all of that weight, and frequently more, within a few years. The truth is that weight loss diets don’t work and the evidence is out there if you look for it. After all if diets worked you’d only do it once. Yet many of my clients have been serial dieters.

10 Oct

How a Personal Video Recorder (PVR), or a Sky Box, Can Help you Lose Weight

Even though you are not hungry, have you ever experienced that nagging thought to go and get something to eat. Here’s how I solved the problem in a way that is totally consistent with a weight loss goal.

26 Sep

Weight Loss – Feeling Out of Control?

Resistance is a state of mind that holds in place whatever it is you are resisting. It does this because in order to resist you need to be aware of whatever it is you are resisting. Whatever you are aware of is in your mind (otherwise you would not be aware of it), and whatever is in your mind is what your subconscious seeks to create. Your subconscious works with images and there is no image for not or no. So the thought, or the awareness, of not wanting to be overweight translates into the subconscious as be overweight. And that’s exactly what you get while you resist what you already are.

12 Oct

Seven Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work

Want to know why you can't lose that weight? Want to know why the weight you lost always creeps back on? Want to know how to lose weight without dieting...? Here are the seven reasons why Diets Don't Work and how to use this knowledge to achieve the size you want to be.

8 Oct

Hypnosis for Weight Control – Why Diets Can’t Keep the Weight Off for You

You want to look good. You want to stay looking good. You want to eat what you want, when you want. But you don't want food to rule your life. But, all diets seem to do is push a little of the weight away, for a while, before it just creeps back. And you just get so tired of all the effort you put in, but your body seems to have a mind of its own. I'll let you into a secret. it isn't your fault. You have been given information that is incorrect. Here's how to succeed with having the body you des