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26 Sep

Weight Loss – Feeling Out of Control?

Resistance is a state of mind that holds in place whatever it is you are resisting. It does this because in order to resist you need to be aware of whatever it is you are resisting. Whatever you are aware of is in your mind (otherwise you would not be aware of it), and whatever is in your mind is what your subconscious seeks to create. Your subconscious works with images and there is no image for not or no. So the thought, or the awareness, of not wanting to be overweight translates into the subconscious as be overweight. And that’s exactly what you get while you resist what you already are.

12 Oct

Seven Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work

Want to know why you can't lose that weight? Want to know why the weight you lost always creeps back on? Want to know how to lose weight without dieting...? Here are the seven reasons why Diets Don't Work and how to use this knowledge to achieve the size you want to be.

2 Oct

Weight Loss, Diets, And Fat

Diets and weight loss appear to go together, but they are actually poles apart. Long-term weight loss as the result of following a calorie reduced diet is doomed to failure. That's why the diet and weight loss industry generates revenues of billions of dollars. It thrives on failure and fads. Learn how to break free of the yo-yo pattern of repeated diets, and enjoy the process of losing weight.