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8 Apr
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The Ten Commitments – For When the World Overwhelms You

There were four of us, in the bar at Que Pasa, talking about how best to realise diZsa’s idea. The idea was to extend a helping hand to members of our meditation group, at a place where they could just drop in, have a chat about their problems and receive some help from experienced therapists.

We had a possible venue, but what I didn’t know was the sort of problems that people were seeking help for.

I asked, and the response surprised me.

It seemed the most common problem that caused a request for help was a feeling of being overwhelmed. In other words, life and its problems had become just too much to cope with.

I know life can get tough, and some of the problems I’ve heard that other people have to deal with make me realise that not only have I been incredibly fortunate, but I have led a relatively sheltered life free from threats of violence or homelessness. Still I’ve been through my own mill and suffered through Hells that seemed to be designed just for me.

In my exploration of those Hells and with my 15 years working as a therapist I’ve learned a few coping mechanisms, so I thought about it and decided I could create something tailored to just get you through one day when your world overwhelms you.

So I did.

I called it The Ten Commitments – How to survive when the world overwhelms you.

It’s a very short Kindle book. Deliberately brief so that the solution to the problems doesn’t itself add to the overwhelm.

The premise is simple. Commit to doing 10 simple things and you will discover that you can survive your day.

The 10 simple things have been carefully designed to bring about subtle changes in how the world is viewed and consequently that overwhelming world is changed forever.

The book isn’t designed to solve your problems. It’s designed to get you through today. Having done that, you know that you can do that any time you choose and so no future day can threaten your safety any more.

It is simply powerful.

It will change your world if you do what it suggests.

But it is only for those who are overwhelmed, have reached the end of their tether, and feel they can no longer cope.

It is for those on the point of giving up on themselves.

Keep it in mind and recommend it to anyone you know who is struggling with life right now.



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