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5 May
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The Truth About Weight Loss and How to Succeed Anyway

It Has to be More Complicated than This!

With a goal in mind, there are only ever two choices – something that works, or something that doesn’t. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Obviously you are going to choose what works, aren’t you? Yet what a lot of people don’t know is that when it comes to losing weight, what they choose, what they think is going to work – actually won’t. What most people actually choose is to inflict upon themselves months of suffering, agonising, disappointment, and, eventually, failure.

This failure then has the knock on effect of lowering self-esteem, which triggers emotional eating and further weight gain.

Here are your real choices:
The Old Way: find a diet; join a weight club; weekly weighing and hoping; thinking about food all the time; constant battle with temptation; frequent failures; leading to feelings of guilt; then trying even harder; and 12 months later repeating the whole cycle.

The New Way: no diets; no public weighing; eat what you want; eat when you want; no rules, so no failure; no failure so no guilt; lose fat rather than muscle (muscle is what you lose when you go on a diet); enjoy, possibly for the first time, a healthy relationship with food; and eat less because you want to eat less – not because you have to eat less.

It Can’t be this Easy

Now I know the New Way seems too easy. There’s no suffering, no struggle, and no pain.

I know you like all that fighting against your desires and then giving in and feeling bad and deciding, since you’ve already fallen off the wagon today, you might as well just binge for the rest of the evening and start all over again tomorrow. If you didn’t like it, you simply wouldn’t keep on doing it, would you?

If that’s you then you might not like the new way because there’s no way to fail, and so no way to break any rules, and so no excuse, ever, for bingeing. You get to eat what you want when you want, and you’ll find, most of the time, because there’s nothing to push against, you just eat what you need when you need it; and eat what you enjoy when you fancy it.

The Old Way is a myth. It ignores how body & mind interact. It consistently fails to sustain weight loss, while teaching you to ignore important sensations like hunger which are actually the key to escaping from this nightmarish merry-go-round. But the biggest problem of all is that the Old Way focuses on food.

The New Way is kinder, easier and works long term because it works with your body and not against it.

Do What You Do, Don’t Do What You Don’t Do

Once you throw off the shackles of the Old and embrace the New you will realise that it isn’t about being Good or being Bad. You aren’t bad when you overeat and you aren’t good when you follow your diet, or eat healthily. You are just doing what you do when you do it.

And there’s no way round that.

You are always just doing what you do when you are doing it and so it’s totally pointless beating yourself up. Just think about that for a moment. How can you ever be doing what you are not doing. If you find that you don’t like what you are doing when you are doing it, then just stop – even if that’s mid-mouthful, or part way through a big bite. Just stop as soon as you realise you don’t like what you are actually doing, because each moment of awareness is a choice point where you can continue to do what you are doing, or just stop. There is no rule that says just because you’ve started you have to finish.

Choice Points

Each moment is a choice point when you can free yourself from the chains that bind you to your excess weight.

But if you choose to carry on with whatever you are doing – even if what you are doing is over-eating – then carry on with a light heart and enjoy every mouthful.

With the New Way you can forget about: diets; calories/Syns/Points; eating what you don’t like; the struggle; social isolation because eating out with friends just reminds you of all the good stuff you can’t have; and thinking about food all the time.

Life is here to enjoy, not to fight against. The same is true of your body. It’s here to enjoy, not to fight. It’s your personal transport system that takes you everywhere you want to go and lets you enjoy all of those places you visit and all of the experiences you encounter.

So doesn’t it make at least a little sense to take care of it?

Focus on Enjoyment & Pleasure

When you focus more on enjoying your life, you’ll find that your subconscious mind starts to work with you, because your subconscious draws to you more of what you think about. If you think about being fat, or overweight, or obese, your subconscious figures that’s what you want more of and it helps you to get it with cravings and urges and guilt and a whole load of other emotional baggage that drives you towards the cookie jar.

When you push against something it pushes back. As soon as you finish reading this go to the nearest wall and push against it with all of your strength. It might not seem like it but that wall is pushing back with exactly the same force that you are using against it. If it didn’t it would fall over.

So when you push against your fat, it pushes back, just like the wall. And just like the wall it stays just where it is.

What you resist persists.

Whatever you push against just pushes right back at you. That’s what causes it to remain in your life.

Do What Works, not What Doesn’t

The New Way is based around how your bodymind works. Its focus is on what you want to have not what you want to get rid of. When you focus on slimness, when you picture yourself doing all the wonderful thinks the slimmer you will be able to enjoy so much more, your subconscious says “aha! This must be what she wants, better get to work on reducing urges to eat; increasing motivation towards enjoyment of exercise; feeling full sooner, increased enjoyment & pleasure with healthy eating, and more and more dissatisfaction with sweet, sticky, over-fatty foods”

The New Way shows you how to eat less and still feel completely satisfied by maximising the pleasure you get from eating. This is about discovering how easy it is to develop a healthy relationship with food that allows you to enjoy what you want, while reducing your weight naturally and easily.

More on How to Succeed with the New Way

If you would like to find out why the Old Way is a myth; if you want to know why you have been lied to; if you would like to discover the truth about metabolism and how you can make it work for you; then check out how to lose weight without dieting, for a free video. Or if you prefer a good read then have a look at my book that not only explains all of this in much greater detail, but also shows you how you can win at the Weight Loss Game How to Lose Weight Easily – and Free Yourself from Diets Forever

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