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5 Mar
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Is Weight Loss Really that Difficult?

Round about lunchtime I nip down the road to my local ASDA coffee-shop and meet for a chat and a cup of coffee with some friends. Mostly it gets me away from the computer screen, gives my eyes a rest and lets me connect with the rest of the world. One of the group mentioned she was going to start losing weight for the summer, so next time we met I gave her a complimentary copy of my book How to Lose Weight and Free Yourself from Dieting Forever. Her dad asked me what the book was about. Obviously it was about weight loss, but that isn’t what he meant – he meant what was my approach to losing weight and how was it different from everything else.

I answered that question in four words “eat less, exercise more”.

“That’s it”, he responded with a smile.

“Well yes”.

I am a man of few words – except when it comes to writing. But essentially that’s what the book is about. But, it’s not just about that. It’s about how to do that easily and effortlessly so that you don’t even really notice you are eating less and exercising more.

As I explained to my friend, it’s about discovering ways to identify those foods that you don’t really want, but eat out of habit and eliminating them. Because you eat them unconsciously, you don’t notice not having them. I encourage you to eat whatever you enjoy and explain how the denial aspect of conventional dieting is one of the major pitfalls and one of the reasons so many people fail when they engage in weight loss using a conventional diet plan.

The book also looks at attitudes to food and where they come from; triggers for emotional eating and how to break that pattern; as well as the reasons why diets just don’t work as a long term solution to weight loss.

Weight loss is an industry worth billions. The weight loss industry is not interested in you being successful. What the weight loss industry needs to do is to convince you that you are the reason you fail. So the whole process is geared around short-term weight loss which proves that their system works (whichever system it might be that you are using), and that your subsequent, and inevitable, weight gains are therefore down to your failure rather than the failure of the system they sell.

This is why weight loss is always a battle when you sign up for Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slimming World, or buy the latest celebrity-authored crazy fad diet book. Even food-type based diets like Atkins are just the same. They have been created with one goal – to convince you that they work, and that when you fail to sustain your weight loss that it is you that has failed.

My book is about how to avoid all of those traps, how to eat whatever you want whenever you want, and still lose weight. There are almost 100 pages so it’s got a lot more in it than “eat less, exercise more”. People who follow the advice in this book lose weight and keep it off.

To make it even easier for you the book ends with a 10-point action plan to make it really simple and there is even a downloadable food diary designed to help you conquer that emotional feasting you do in the hope that feeling bloated and heavy will make you happy.

Check it out the whole book costs less than the attendance fee for just one meeting of Weight Watchers, Slimming World, or Jenny Craig and you can lose weight enjoying ordinary food rather than the high-priced branded stuff these companies want you to eat.

The weight loss industry took $61 billion from its customers in 2012.

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