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25 Jun
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Weight Loss Horoscopes – Whatever Next?

I don’t know what you think about horoscopes. I’m a little on the fence with most of me on the side of I’ll take a lot of convincing. That said, and the tone set, I know a lot of people take horoscopes really seriously. I also know that the 20 words in your favourite daily newspaper couldn’t possibly apply to the one-twelfth of the world’s population born in the same 30 day period and regardless of their age. However, I’m also aware that a properly crafted horoscope that takes into account not only your date of birth, but also time and location – is something that is not quite so easy to dismiss. I’m still not convinced, but I’m willing to look at the evidence.

A lot of people think that the stars are so far away that they couldn’t possible influence anything or anyone on planet earth, but astrology isn’t about stars, it’s about planetary alignments. The stars are just the graph paper the planets are plotted against. So consider the moon for a moment. The moon is certainly a planetary body that is known to exert an influence. There is evidence that in some people it affects mood (and I’m not talking about werewolves here); it has certainly been a powerful influence on the evolution of the female menstrual cycle, and it, along with the sun’s powerful gravitational influence creates the tides and, therefore, might be expected to have some small effect on all of the water present in the human body. That effect, though very subtle, may well have an influence. If you are a believer in the power of homeopathy then you will have no trouble accepting that tiny influences can have powerful effects.

So I find it interesting that Sharon Ward identifies the Moon Sign as significant in guiding people to lose their excess weight. This is because the Moon is ‘connected’ to the stomach and digestive systems.

“Astrology works on the premise that when you are emotionally balanced and happy then you are physically well and healthy and vice versa.  Medical astrology holds the key to re-balancing our bodily systems and bringing to us a greater sense of health and well being. We each have a Moon sign, just as we have a Sun sign. The Moon governs the inner self and the emotions and as we often use food as a response to life’s stresses and strains, it makes sense to find out where our weaknesses lie and what types of food are best for us according to our Moon Sign.”

Sharon Ward

So I checked my Moon Sign with Sharon’s handy calculator and found out that my Moon Sign is Capricorn (My Sun sign is Libra).

Then checked what it said about me based on my Capricornian Moon Sign.

My Inner Personality  I’d score about 70% accurate.

My Eating Habits (which after all is what this is supposed to be sorting out) I’d give about 5% accurate.

What You Need to Change and Why made me laugh.

“As you can be some what inflexible emotionally, preferring life to be structured and rational, it follows that your body can have problems with its structure – namely the bones and joints. It is important that you take care of yourself with an adequate intake of calcium rich foods such as dairy products, especially cheese, as well as sardines and green vegetables.”

…because I have a dairy intolerance.

Though apart from the dairy thing this whole section seemed to have some good advice, but it did seem to be good general advice like Vitamin C can help if you suffer from frequent colds and viruses.

Finally we get to the section A New Way Forward and I find I could have written the first paragraph. It’s good advice. It’s the sort of thing I say to my patients, but I don’t think they all have a Capricorn Moon Sign (though since I don’t check I couldn’t be sure).

So Sharon has some good health and nutrition advice, and I would certainly encourage having a look at what she suggests for you. If you find it resonates with you and you feel some connection to what she says then follow the advice.

For me, the Jury is still out.


Don’t forget to post your thoughts below.


My thanks to:

Lauren Torrisi for the inspiration for this article.

And Sharon Ward. You can also discover your moon sign at the side of Sharon’s page. You need to do this before you check your weight/diet/nutrition advice.

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