• Hypnosis helps you live the life you Want.

    • I am a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist.
    • Hypnosis is a powerful, non-invasive, drug free treatment.
    • I can help you to become more relaxed, confident, and fulfilled.
    • You can live the life you've always dreamed of.
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  • Help is just minutes away

    • MP3 Downloads
    • In just a few minutes you can be listening to a hypnosis session and enjoying the comfort and relief it brings, or if you prefer I can post you a CD
    • Treatments
      Therapeutic treatments are available for IBS, Weight loss, stopping smoking and other problems.
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  • The No-Diet Weight Loss Programme

    • Would you like to eat what you want and still lose weight?
      Want to know why diets make you fat?
      Here's the information the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry does not tell you about.

      Would you like to enjoy a healthy relationship with food?
      Are you an emotional eater?

      Then make a commitment, right NOW, to take the first step towards changing that.
    Hypnosis for Weight Loss
  • Treatments

    • One to one
      – Personal attention
      – Enjoy treatment in a relaxed, comfortable and friendly environment.
    • Distance Treatment
      – I record a CD or Mp3 to provide your personal treatment
      – Enjoy making those changes in the comfort of your own home
    • Treatment via Phone
      – Simply book a convenient time
      – All you need is an inexpensive phone headset

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  • Stop Smoking

    • I can help you quit smoking quickly and more easily than you would imagine possible. What's more I can actually help you make it a lot of fun and very positive for you. Imagine when you've stopped smoking how your life will be better, you'll have more energy, health, money and you'll just FEEL BETTER!

      ACT NOW and click the button below for more details about how easy it could be to just STOP.
    Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Good for Weight Loss

"Both hypnosis groups lost an average of 17 pounds in six months. The control group put on half a pound."
-Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986


"After a single session I noticed a significant improvement and by my 4th session my outlook had completely changed... I am more positive and self confident about any challenges I may face. Michael was patient and genuinely interested in my problem and in how to resolve it. I owe Michael a great debt and would wholeheartedly recommend him."

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