Losing Weight Is Easy – If You Do This One Thing

There is no question about it. Weight loss is difficult. It’s difficult to stick to your diet when you get hungry. It’s difficult to stick to your diet when all your friends are enjoying your favourite food on a night out. But it gets really tough when that weight loss slows to a crawl and you have to starve for a week to lose just an ounce of fat. It always ends up so difficult that sooner or later you just give up, have a binge, and then feel sorry for yourself before climbing back onto the hamster wheel to repeat the whole process all over again. Isn’t it time to try something different. Isn’t it time to try something that works. There is just one thing you need to do in order to have the body of your dreams.

You want to lose weight. You want it to be effortless. You want to be three dress sizes smaller when you wake up tomorrow. You don’t want any loose skin where the fat used to be. But most of all you want to know where to find the magic wand so you can wave it to make this happen.

You want all this even though you have been putting on that weight for ten, twenty, thirty years. You want to lie on the beach, look sexy and feel gorgeous. Now, when you have a health problem, you go to the doctor’s, he gives you a pill, and you get better. When you want a new TV, fridge, hi-fi, computer, book – almost anything – you go to your computer and within 24 hours it’s brought to your door. Or you go to your local retailer and fetch it home within an hour or two.

Instant, instant, instant…

We live in a world of instant everything.

Instant Everything

We are like children living in a perpetual NOW. When a child wants something it is wanted now, by tomorrow she will have lost interest so now is the only time to have anything. We teach children about waiting – waiting for birthdays, Christmas, holidays to exciting new places… but they really don’t understand, they want it now. They see parents getting everything they want when they want it and just don’t understand why they have to wait. Yet, because they are surrounded by so much of this stuff, they lose out on a sense of appreciation for what they have.

We too, lose our sense of appreciation because we are bombarded with stuff. Our homes are filled with stuff. Nothing is cherished any more. Nothing is repaired. Nothing is truly valued. New is the Holy Grail that we seek.

New Stuff

You only had to look at the news to see the queues outside Apple stores the day they released the new iPhone 6. People queued up all night to have the latest bit of technology that’s a gazillionth of an inch slimmer than the phone they were using to facebook all their friends about how excited they are about getting more new stuff.

They’ll all be doing at again in six months when the iPhone7 is released.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not knocking technology. It’s great. But the desire to posses something just because it’s new, when you have no real need of it, and you have something almost identical that’s barely six months old, suggests to me that there is something missing. An emptiness in the soul perhaps, or a longing for fulfilment.

The mistake is to seek fulfilment in things.

You must know that feeling when you buy something special. You look forward to it. You imagine having it. You obtain it. You enjoy its newness for a week or two. Then its wonder fades and after a week or two, or a month or two you wonder what all the fuss was about and you start looking for the next new thing to excite and stimulate you.

You are seeking happiness outside of yourself.

This is the problem with weight loss.

You are looking in the Wrong Place

We are so used to instant gratification; we are so far removed from appreciating what we have; and we have lost touch with reality to such an extent that we expect miracles with our bodies. We treat our bodies like iPhones. We want to throw the old one in the bin and come out of the shop with a brand new one – instantly. We are just not prepared to wait any longer than a day to possess this new body, but at a push we’ll hang around for a week, but if all that excess fat hasn’t disappeared after a month then we might as well give up, binge, and undo whatever we have managed to achieve.

Then we look at ourselves in the mirror, cry, despair, eat some more, look in the mirror some more, eat some more, look at those beautiful clothes we’d like to fit into, and maybe start all over again and give it another month. We must have been doing it wrong, we figure. It must be the diet’s fault. Let’s go to the bookshop, join a club, find the right diet and everything will be fine.

It won’t.

It won’t because you are missing the point.

The point is your attitude to you.

When you change your attitude to you, then everything changes.

When you treat yourself gently, lovingly, and with a huge sense of appreciation for who and what you are, then change can take place.

Just Change Your Mind

The one thing that you need to do, in order to successfully lose weight, is easy. It’s easy because it’s just a choice. You make choices every day. Whether to have tea or coffee, a doughnut or a Danish, new iPhone or wait till they iron out the problems and get the next one, get up or have another five minutes. Life is filled with choosing. You can already do that. So the choice you have to make is to make losing weight more important than eating. That’s the choice you have to make. It has to be a real choice. It has to have unfailing determination behind it. You have to really mean it. You have to choose losing weight over eating – every minute of every day.

Once you have made that absolute choice and you really mean it because you want what it will give you – a more attractive, slimmer body – the rest is easy. You never again need to give in to temptation because temptation no longer exists. You have made your choice. You will eat as much as you need and no more. You will no longer feel any sense of losing out on what you are not eating because eating is not who you are any more. You achieve fulfilment now by watching your body get a little slimmer each week. You know that food is sustenance, and you will enjoy what you eat, but you will only eat what you need.

You see, that choice you made – that losing weight is more important than eating – makes all your food choices for you. You don’t have to bother any more. You know what you need to eat and you know how much.

That’s all you need to do.

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More

But if that seems too simple, and you want more, then check out my book How to Lose Weight Easily and Free Yourself from Diets Forever to find out in more detail just exactly what you need to do in order to successfully lose that excess weight and keep it off.

By Michael

I have been a hypnotherapist for around 12 years. My specific interests are in stress and physical healing. My fascination is with how the mind 'creates' the world. I am a fan of Esther & Jerry Hicks.